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  1. Thank you sir. I will see what I can find in the GM and Chrysler offerings.
  2. I've been trying to find a temp sender replacement for my 1980 S1724 with MV404 engine. I have tried an Isspro R8923 sender as suggested by some as a replacement but it apparently does not have the proper resistance curves for the factory guage. The sender is 1/8" with 27 TPI. I did measure the resistance of the old sender and came up with approximately 1350 ohms as 50 degrees,. 875 ohms at 100 degrees and 300 ohms at 210 degrees. Not sure if this tells me anything as I'm thinking this sender is faulty anyhow and also I can't find resistance curves for any replacement units anyhow. Went to NAPA and struck out. Does anyone have a part number or cross reference suggestion to get me headed in the right direction?
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