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  1. I think you're looking for 88 series restorer. or something along those lines. Had I realized he had a business named triple r I would have picked a different name when I joined.
  2. Mercy! I think I would have been able to climb the windmill without touching a ladder rung.
  3. Benton plow parts in Penn yan ny might also have something.
  4. It seems like everywhere you turn there's one agenda. bring this country to it's knees. How well it seems to be working is quite scary really.
  5. Some really cool stuff there! I wish they would stay that nice over here in new york
  6. Sent you a pm sandhiller I thank you for the opportunity to guess . I drive truck and took a shot in the dark one day while loading
  7. If you pull the one to the left of the steering wheel back. And move the one to the right of the seat forward. You can then use the one by the steering wheel to stop and start your PTO. Your tractor looks like a newer version of the 844s my dad has.
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