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  1. I couldn’t tell ya... I’m 15 and bought my squarebody and daily😂. But then again I work my *ss off lol.
  2. No l, that would be a Big country. This one was 4x4
  3. This only applies if you are looking in the used market We have a Cub Cadet Volunteer (Older Generation this one was made in the USA.) Thing has been through absolute **** the steel bed has held up great, as have the drive train. We had it for probably getting close to 10 years and all we have done was put lifters in the motor. Top speed is only about 25 mph but it seems to me that you trade speed for true work vehicles. just my opinion on our side by side.
  4. We have a 39 M used for mainly pulling with some rack wagon use here and there. She is stock besides a different governor spring (will run north of 2k rpms with no load but never sees that kind of abuse in front of a sled.) will it spin 18.4s in its current form? It pulls 5500 and 6500 antique classes. Worn 18.4x38s not cut. Or should I try and find a set of 16.9s. thanks
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