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  1. 1. 5488-Maybe someday. They’ve always been my favorite 2. 1586-Somewhat hunting for a clean one now. I need a bigger horse. 3. 656 Hydro Diesel-We had one for years. We sold it when the motor went out 10 or so years ago (should have never let it go). It was the handiest hay making tractor. Honorable mentions 450-At some point I’d like to find one to restore. Classic styling but big enough to be handy. 1456-I love the 56 series and one would pair nicely with my 8 Boxcar magnum-duh JD 4640-I don’t care for most of the green stuff but that series just kinda does something for me
  2. “The frenchin’s tooks a hard left turn from which I’ve yets to recover” Good stuff
  3. You’ll really like it! I’ve had mine for about a month or so. I’m still in the tuning process with some of the new arrows I put together but everything about this bow I like so far.
  4. I wear mine the same way. Drives me nuts having them the “right” way up.
  5. Southcentral PA. About 8 miles west of Gettysburg to be specific.
  6. I have 2 Corn Pro gooseneck deckovers and really like them, they’re well built. I have also used the identical twin to that red trailer at Wengers. I liked it. They’re obviously heavier than a comparable aluminum but they’re solid and have nice rear doors on them (nothing worse than a livestock trailer with a door that isn’t functional.)
  7. Good luck to my fellow Pennsylvanians. Be sure to post pics of your success. Getting ready to head out now. I got my buck during archery so I’m meat hunting now.
  8. Deerfield


    My Marlin 30-30 has been my favorite for quite a while, it just works so well for brush hunting. Although my new go-to is my 7 Mag Tikka with an SWFA scope.
  9. My personal favorite. Use these things for everything, from the 4 inchers to the 12s. They’re way stronger than screws, easy to run and reusable.
  10. Thanks guys. Sounds like it’ll be a tight squeeze on my smaller trailer. I’ll take the gooseneck.
  11. Does anybody know how long a 4 bottom semi mount 700, 710, 720 type plow is? I bought one on auction and have to pick it up tomorrow. Trying to decide which trailer I’ll need to take. Thanks for any help.
  12. Around here that would bring pretty good money, even with the broken chain. Small spreaders have really blown up in price the last couple years.
  13. I went back and forth for a while on whether or not I wanted to keep it on the 856 when I bought it. I’ve decided that I like it. I have the doors and windows for mine. Cuts down on the wind and cold a little bit during the winter.
  14. If it wasn’t for the horrible hydraulic system it would be a decent little chore tractor. We bought it cheap a few years back when our 656 Hydro went down. It’s got a couple problems. The shifter boots are shot and are letting water into the oil, the oil seal is out and bleeding hydraulic fluid into the clutch housing, and I’m 99% sure that one of the steel supply lines that run through the trans housing up to the front pump has a crack or hole in it (common problem on these). I have it split at the clutch right now just checking things out. It looks surprisingly good. Tomorrow I’ll split it at the trans to get in and do some troubleshooting.
  15. Rolled the 2840 apart last night.
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