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  1. Km44m

    m serial number

    Nice pictures. That one would have been nice to get a hold of with that low of serial number. I don't know what the tag on the amp would be for either have never seen that before.
  2. Km44m

    m serial number

    Dave after I read your reply I decided to look up the nebraska test data. I found a test for 39 M distillate with engine serial number FBK ME 544 and chassis serial FBK 742. Would it be possible they used the ME to distinguish between test motors?
  3. Recently bought a 39 m with a serial stamped in the right frame rail that matches the tag on the bell housing. The number stamped in the block however is different it is stamped FBK me 540. I've never seen the me before wondered if it ment anything
  4. I looking for any one that has a hm 110 planter. I dont have the hydraulic lift for my planter. I'm hoping that I could get some measurements and have them made any help would be appreciated thanks
  5. It is a check row planter. Not real sure on the years but I think I heard that they where made from the late 20's to 50's but that's just guessing.
  6. I have a planter that's mostly complete just missing the hydraulic lift and the two sprockets for winding up the wire that I would sell.
  7. I will have to find a copy of that book and look at it. I might also get an owners manual off of Ebay for that planter to see what brackets I'm missing. Thanks for the info.
  8. I just bought this planter was wondering if anyone could help me identify the model. I think it was on a f12. I'm hoping it will also fit an h or m. Thanks for any help.
  9. I have the aluminum seal retainer and the old neoprene seal did have the steel retainer that I took out . The felt fit right in the retainer so I thought it would work. I think the problem is that the crank dont have the oil grove in it.
  10. I did a lot of calling trying to find a seal when I was doing the motor with a lot of dead ends. Looking back maybe I should have found another crank. Was kind of hoping posting on here would maybe open some other doors. If i ever find a seal i may take you up on those retainers. Thanks
  11. The crank does not have the groove in it. The seal retainer is not cast. Someone worked on it at one time and should not have. They used main caps out of another motor and did not machine them. Part of why I spent 2500 at the machine shop. It was cobbled a lot but now in good mechanical shape
  12. Looking for any info on where I might find a neoprene rear main seal for a md. It had one in it and I couldn't find one so I used a felt seal and now it leaking pretty good. Any help would be appreciated.
  13. I'm looking for any help I can get on finding a neoprene rear main seal for my md. I have a felt seal in it now and it leaks pretty good . I would like to put the right one in if I could find one. Any help is appreciated.
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