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  1. We planted all corn. We are very dry in Iowa, and I am enjoying the rain today. Thanks for the insight in the spring to the suction filter. I will see what I can find for a spring. I will also put the 300 PSI gauge on the clutch pressure gauge and see what it shows me. I am hoping to start the dozer here in the new two weeks and work on taking out some fence lines. I will again take a video on it in action and share it. Thanks for the insight on the clutch pressure thinking. If I can get the track adjusted and the pressure to stay in the run position, I think I can handle getting the sea
  2. Well good news, rain is coming today (FINALLY), and all the crops are in. I have been looking over the manuals to the dozer, and came across trouble shooting the trans lube pressure, and the track adjustment. My question on the lube pressure, I learned that there is no spring in the bottom of the suction filter that pushes the filter towards the top of the canister. It never had one when we took it out and cleaned it. Would that cause the pressure to drop? A second thing I noticed is you can add up to 4 washers to increase the lube pressure, but it also listed that the spring could
  3. Thanks everyone for the comments. It is truly appreciated. I really don't want to spend any money getting this driving again, because something tells me it will get costly. I was excited to get it to run, now the next problem appeared. Jim was able to find a service manual for it at the farm, and when planting calms down, and hope to get back to working on the track. I will gladly take a video of it running, so everyone can see it in action.
  4. Good Morning, I was busy getting fields ready to plant, so sorry it has been awhile. I hope to get back to the dozer after planting, or on a rainy day. I will try and post a video on Youtube of the dozer running next time that shows how the tracks do when running. When I pull the left track lever all the way back as far as it will go it completely stops the dozer. There is no turning left or anything. Jim was mentioning when he runs a CAT dozer that it is common for that to happen (stopping the dozer) when both levers are pulled back. The bleeder valve on the right track is broken o
  5. Good Morning, I just wanted to touch base. I was at the farm over the weekend, and I installed the pressure gauge. The transmission lube pressure was around 22 PSI at start up. I ended up moving the dozer a little after trying to mess with the linkage on the left track of the dozer with no luck. With it parked and shut off I have about 4 inches of play with the steering lever. The right side lever is about 1 inch as you mentioned it should be. I will have to get more creative with trying to figure out if I can adjust the linkage more in the back of the dozer. On a sad note, the pass
  6. Good Morning! I was at the farm yesterday. I didn't get done as much as I wanted to though. We had a sign made for the farm to post by the entrance to the farm saying that the farm has been in the family since 1892. That took most of the day getting that set up an installed. I did manage to put a new grease zert in the track and pump grease back into the system. The track tightened up again easily, only this time there wasn't grease around the new zert as I pumped grease into it. There was grease around the old zert as I pumped grease into it the first time. It make me think the zert was
  7. I am back at the farm on Thursday. I will take pictures then on the track system. When I checked the grease zert yesterday there was grease around the zert that wasn't there before, and there wasn't a ton of it around it. Maybe the zert is bad? The clutch pressure gauge is always in the run zone. It never changes. When I ran the dozer yesterday up a hill while trying to turn left it stopped moving. I took my hand off the left lever and still no movement. I decided to put it in reverse and then move forward. It worked. So to sum up I was in motion going up hill, pulled the left handle to
  8. Well when I removed it these are some pictures of what I found. It wasn't as bad as the suction filter I cleaned, but it still had gunk in it. I was not happy with the iron flakes in the oil. When I installed it again, I decided it was Christmas time, and I wanted to see if the filter made a difference, so I ran it last night for 30 minutes. "I couldn't wait for the temp gauge to come. The transmission lube pressure was in the high side of run, but as the engine warmed up the pressure dropped. Within 30 minutes it was in the dangerous zone on the low side of run. I was back blading
  9. Well, I had chance to make it to the farm yesterday. My mom needed some help, so I went down and made sure to stop at the farm. I did find the filter that I believe was the one you mentioned, or maybe there is still another filter? It sits in front on the alternator on the driver's side.
  10. If my wife doesn't work, I will head to the farm on Tuesday and look. If not I will be there on Thursday. I will also look to see what I need for a new gauge also. I am hoping Komatsu website will have one. I know my dad has a new transmission in it. I helped put it in back in the 90's on a job sight. I do know that Jim couldn't drive it up hill at one point on Saturday because the pressure was so low on the gauge too, so I am thinking the gauge is somewhat accurate. We also found a weird piece of black rubber with wire mesh inside the rubber in the suction filter too when we clean
  11. So if I am understanding you correctly, if we have the screen filter, I need to look for it past the torque converter, but before the transmission cooler upfront located on the frame wall somewhere? My dad never had an issue before, and I am again hoping the filter is the easy fix before I dive into the gauges you suggested.
  12. The temperature gauge wasn't working and I have one order that should be in on Wednesday. As we cleaned up dad's things around the house I came across his parts book. I will look for this washable suction filter on the dozer. The first suction filter that we found that you suggested had not been cleaned in many years, and it had a solid layer of crud at the bottom of the canister. My gut is telling me that needs cleaned also. I will keep you posted.
  13. Random question, Would it matter where the washer is added? When I opened the plug the washer fell out, and then the plunger was removed with a magnet, and then the spring. So as you look at it from left to right from the back of the dozer it would be spring, plunger, washer, and then plug.
  14. Well, great news! As you can see from the pictures below we got the oil changed, greased up, and fluids checked and put it to work yesterday. You were correct to wonder how it would work when it was warmed up. A lot of the hydraulic seals were loosing oil right away, but they sealed up after 20-30 minutes of work. About 1-2 hours of using the dozer the transmission lube pressure began to drop into the danger zone. The torque converter lube pressure was always in the run zone in the gauge. With increased engine RPM it would help with the transmission pressure, but only for so long.
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