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  1. Big Jon

    696 trouble

    Hi Andrew, where are these guys based, just got quoted $960 for a clutch kit, is this reasonable? Also any of you guys point me in the right direction for some schematic diagraims of the internals on these tractors? Can't find anything on the net. Cheers.
  2. Big Jon

    696 trouble

    Thanks Andrew, Neil's parts in Toowoomba have all the bits, I will start pulling the old girl down next week. Starts and runs.
  3. Big Jon

    696 trouble

    Thanks Mark,i was wondering about that. The door is at the rear, the cab is a Gason tractor cab. Wild looking setup,always reckoned it looked like something off a travelling Gypsy wagon. Google Gason cabs, they were made down in Victoria I believe by some old wheat farmer who got sick of swallowing dust years ago before cabs were the in thing!
  4. Big Jon

    696 trouble

    I'll put a picture of the old girl this afternoon, she purrs like a kitten and is still an old work horse. Biggest problem is getting it back to the shed with no steering. Some tight spots to negotiate!
  5. Big Jon

    696 trouble

    You got it man, built in the Geelong tractor factory, 1970.
  6. Big Jon

    696 trouble

    Good evening gents. My old dad was out doing his thing the other day and had a bad noise develop in the tractor and lost all steering and hydraulic power. I pretty sure we have diagnosed it to the PTO input shaft as there is no PTO now and you can still hear that metallic crunchy noise when you put your foot on the clutch. How much grief in splitting these old girls, it has a front end loader on it that will need taking off and will have to be skull dragged back to the shed as well. Can't wait!
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