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  1. Jingles1928, Wow those are 2 nice trucks! Thanks for sharing! Ben
  2. Hey Ken, I will send you a message. Thanks Ben
  3. Hey Dennis. Thanks for the reply. I would be interested to see pics your 6 speed special. What serial number is it? Mine is 18902
  4. Hey All, New to the forum. I have a 1928 Six Speed Special and am looking for a few parts. I bought this truck 7 years ago from a family that had bought it in 1937. It was a tow truck in the town that I grew up in and still live. I am not going to restore it since it is in pretty decent shape. Looking for some parts to complete it. Parts needed: Bearing cap/covers window crank handles oil dip stick Horn Tail/brake light Currently replacing the exhaust since it is rotted, as well as some wiring. Looking to convert it back to a tow truck. I
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