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  1. Thanks a ton! For operating manual purchase, would my setup be considered “trailing?” And do the manuals contain population charts?
  2. You’ve given me homework to confirm, but what you describe sounds like what I have, with sprockets and assy on the right side (when looking at planter from behind. The spare sprocket previous owner gave me, indeed, has a hex hole and three prongs.
  3. It is 2 row units mounted to a tool bar, with single drive wheel in the middle, that turns a hex shaft. No lift cylinders, no tongue.
  4. Thanks all. Yes I understand and fully comprehend how to test the population by turning the drive wheel and counting seed. I just have been unsure of how to go about adjusting that — meaning: 1. I don’t have a chart 2. I can’t tell which manual matches my planter (and are population charts even in these manuals) 3. I don’t see spare sprockets in the Shoup catalog. Any advice on 2 and 3? Is this considered a “trailing” planter? I do have a semi-local dealer that I hear knows about old stuff.
  5. I’ve read a couple threads on this forums about IH 800 planters. Most are a little more in-depth for the advice I’m seeking. I just bought a 2-row IH 800 planter that I intend to use for wildlife food plots and maybe gardening. It appeared in very good shape and was a good price. I had read over the years that these planter will no-till well, and that is why I passed over many more expensive Deere’s til I found this red planter not too far from home. I’m interested in where I can learn more about how this thing works. Is there an online source for manuals, and how do I know exactly what m
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