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  1. Thanks gents, I removed the old wear ring and wheel seal and sure enough the complete replacement hub fit without issue. Appreciate the help!!
  2. Pics of spindle and casting numbers on the lower bolster......I’m relatively confident this is not from worn parts as both side wheel hubs are the same configuration and seem to fit to a manufacturer spec on the spindle. I’m not sure what a normal M spindle should look like, again any help the forum can offer is greatly appreciated. thanks again
  3. Gents/Ladies - my first post here and looking for help from the knowledge base in this forum community. I'm working through a restoration on a ~51' Farmall M (Serial 257859) and in tossing on new front rims the new rim on the left front would not fit over the hub to bolt up. Upon closer inspection at some point the hub had been re-welded where it broke out and the holes were not centered and the weld was interfering with getting the wheel to align concentrically with the hub. SO, off to EBAY i go and ordered a new to me 8284 DA hub to match the opposite right front that I had which was in good shape. Upon removal the 8284DA replacement hub did not fit. Looking at the original that came off the tractor it does not have the male protrusion and is not as tall in offset as the replacement 8284DA hub that arrived. I'm confused and can't find any other hubs that appear in the same configuration with the male hub protrusion removed. Height difference in the attached photo shows the offset difference. What type of hub assembly do I have here and is it special or unique as the right side hub is set up in the same fashion with the male protrusion missing? I'm confused and this should be rather simple. Is this hub setup normal for a ~51' M?? thanks in advance to any help the forum can offer.....Appreciate your time and consideration!!
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