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  1. have the New Idea version of that ,bought it knowing it needed all new lower bearings belts were new endless belts . start in on drive side remove all the tension you can and unbolt rolls and remove , leaving for work now can post a few pics when i get home this eve really wasnt a horrible job . will need a come-a-long or ratchet strap to get back together. 2 person job to re assemble .
  2. Well I think the problem is the seal on the tube . The seal was in the center of the tube ,according to pics from parts manual and internet sources It is not correct it needs to be more towards the end as in Maynards photo. when I replaced the pump last fall I sort of questioned myself about that but did not investigate further really wish I would have now.. I will order a new tube and install it and really look forward to moving on to some other repairs such as leaking injection pump and cosmetic items . will post back with results as soon as possible .
  3. Morning all , Fast forward 6 months tinkering with this 656 when time allows. changed out spring in steering spool and steering wandering problem tremendously changed for the better, Still have pump cavitation issues looses prime after sitting even a few minutes. this past week I have changed filter, no debris in filter oil looks great ,also removed pump as I was questioning the way that i put suction tube in. I replaced it the way it was when I changed out the pumps last fall. with metal part of seal towards filter. This time after thinking that was wrong I turned tube metal side towards pump. Now upon restart took several minutes to pick up oil and prime . and longer to get steering to work. Oil had lot of foam so it is getting air some where. Took top link cover off and lots of foam in oil, return line feels good no bad spots or cracking that I can see or feel . Soo questions are... which i correct way for pump suction tube seal to go ? metal side towards filter or pump? also when I grab oil return line through top link should you be able to wiggle or move bottom at all? anything else I could be over looking? Am really frustrated any help is greatly appreciated.
  4. anymore progress on the crawler ? very interesting build
  5. i would think that the radiator from the 41 would be a non pressurized system and wouldn't stand up to the pressure from the super M.
  6. thank you for the many replies. with the help of my brother who got the cowling off for me i got this this picture of adjusting screw i was referring to. i believe this to be adjustment for the remote outlets that are beneath dash .that i want to call cultivator or loader auxiliary remotes,(theses are plugged off) one line returns to pump plate on side of tractor other goes back towards hydr remote valve . In a few weeks when i heal some more i will be investigating things further, i love all of the knowledge on here that one can stir up from the memory banks.. lol thanks first time attaching photos so hope i did things right
  7. tractor is an early gear drive diesel serial #14261 think 1965 ? haven't been able to get to barn but i know it has the flow divider with petcock on it. the one on my 504 diesel 1966 model controls flow for the steering i know that from trying it . disc cylinder cant be bad it a john deere,, lol used it with the 966 after this and it works fine. when i get more strength back i will investigate this and check out oil cooler and take a few photos thanks for the help so far. and yes i replaced both hydraulic pumps
  8. OK just talked to my brother and he said he lifted partially to turn at each end of the field had no hyd issues til finished with field, disc is a 470 16 ft remote lifted to exit one field ok but seemed to not want to stay up while traveling down the lane to road ,then waiting on traffic disc bled down again but raised had hard steering to turn on to road and back into other field ,came across end of field went to lift to come to barn and no lift or steering . did not check three point to see if it worked . if i am thinking correctly it sounds like the oil cooler can be by passed or flow controlled ? i wonder if the cooler is being by passed and oil is getting hot ? this tractor has a rebuilt engine and previous owner removed it and had engine shop rebuild its possible the flow regulator was turned down too far ? am going to check this out when i get a chance . thanks
  9. the oil and filters have been clean and haven't noticed anything on the screen either time . will try to get my parts manual out today but i believe that there is flow divider with adjustment pet **** up in the dash similar to the one on the 504 .i also remember there being another valve of sorts up there when i replaced all of the return hoses .
  10. i would be interested in one for both a 504 and a 656.
  11. the flow divider ,if that is the one with the adjustment ,i was thinking of playing with and seeing if it would help the steering, the coming back to the barn incident , it just quit steering and couldn't raise disc at edge of the field . was fine 1/2 hr later at re start was full of oil . will have to remove the pto cover and re check that line in a few weeks.
  12. fast forward 6Weeks,,,went ahead and replaced both pumps with new , new oil and filter, test drive seems like problem solved ..? Now wanting to use it more, hooked to hay bine mow ten acres seems ok steering still wandering but 10 times better than before. next day at the fuel barrel ,major hydraulic leak! blew rubber return line behind batteries .. new oil hoses needed are now all replaced . still cavitates ,looses prime ? once it picks up oil seems to be decent . have been over filling by half gallon or so. using it to fill in for other chores ,manure hauling hay tedder etc,trying to put more hours on this rebuilt engine which runs beautiful. beans are off trying to get wheat in ,brother hooks it to the disc and works 20 acre with it , seems to be ok. longest its been used at one time since purchased coming back to the barn tried to lift disc and no lift or steering , shut it down checked fluid was still full .half hour later re started and lifted and steering was working my question is would there be foam in oil causing air issues? its going to end up a winter project now probably cause oct 1 my body decided i needed a triple by pass .. not fun but grateful to be alive ,.. just way too much internet time on my hands at this point .looking for possible answers. been following the forums here for years before joining tons of great knowledge . thanks guys
  13. I cleaned both surfaces and used new gasket and sealer when reinstalling cover. tube to pump was not loose. ,I have not seen any leaks near bolster or steering up in dash area, could it be the steering motor is just plain wore out ? tach shows 8750 hrs.. does seem like when i jacked up and moved wheels like it may have pushed air out of system .but it returned after sitting. am just baffled a bit and dont want to spend where i dont need to. I have replaced both pumps in a 504 diesel before but it had very weak hydraulics.
  14. Wandering very loose erratic steering and pump cavitation sound is my main problem, 3 point and remotes seem to work fine. Yes, first narrow front besides h's or m's i have driven . so i changed hydraulic filter and refilled oil ,jacked front off ground and turned wheels back and forth several times with engine off nothing that seemed really worn or loose started engine and turned wheels several times ,cavitation noise went away, drove it a few miles and steering seemed to improve a lot . shut tractor down and restarted several minutes later and pump cavitation noise returned . I think hydraulic pump is bad. just want to be relatively sure that is the issue.
  15. tractor is a narrow front .. Manuals are on the way.. nothing wobbles or shakes like anything is loose just acts like no hydraulics to hold it in place, kinda hard to describe like nothing to guide it in a straight line. have to constantly steer. tires are both the same air pressure , will get new filter and oil for it tomorrow.
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