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  1. Oh what I wouldn't do for a parts tractor close by
  2. Yes at tdc compression stroke #1 rotor is pointing to #1 on the cap Thanks!
  3. When pump is up to the block with the bolts just before snug the pump can move about an 1/8" in either direction.The gear does move away a bit at the cam. There were good witness marks from where it sitting before so I reinstalled in the same spot. I don't think it would make any difference or IH would of had it fixed in place somehow. Thanks for your reply
  4. Got the new o-ring for the p/u and installing pump. There is a lot of play in the pump mounting holes being the bolts are not shouldered. Is there a procedure for setting the gear lash/clearance for the drive gear or am I overthinking this? Have the IH chassis manual which is a disappointment so reluctant to get the engine one. Thanks
  5. That's to bad they assembled them incorrectly Going with the 403 pump and pickup.Had to order the o-ring where the p/u pipe goes into the pump.The original is hard as rock, probably been in there since the 60's Thanks for your help really appreciate it
  6. Up here most that older stuff went for scrap when the price was so high. I grabbed 2 403/263 engines off the same guy. Neither had ran since the 90's.Got the one running after cleaning up the valves ect and will work on the other when the swap is done. Thanks!
  7. Had a hard time just finding a 263 Only put on about 50 hrs a year clearing snow ect
  8. That was a straight gas to gas swap? Just double checking the d-282 uses a different pan Thanks
  9. C-263 from 403 combine to 656 The oil pump p/u from the tractor is not in good shape, screen is torn. The one off the combine sits at about the same depth in the 656 pan but at a little different angle (it pivots with an o-ring in the mounting plate). I can't see why I couldn't use it but just looking for a second opinion Thanks
  10. That's the way I will go then Thankyou snoshoe!
  11. I'm doing a 403 combine to 656 C263 swap. Going after the plate behind the front cover. Is the cam gear a problem getting off or should I just pull the cam? I have no bearing splitter but could make up a puller of somekind? Thanks
  12. 1967 656 international utility, hydraulic cooler bypass valve on top of clutch/ta housing right side. I thought I had read somewhere that this valve should be closed until 30 psi? Can't seem to find that thread for some reason. I can blow through mine freely,could someone confirm this valve should be closed ? Thanks in advance
  13. Yes, it has the 30" rear tires and non adjustable set back front axle. Will get some pics when I get it out of my cramped shop.
  14. I agree, I think it would be next to impossible to get the tube through the oem seal if installed in the bore first. Was just uncertain if that aftermarket u-seal would be tight enough on the tube to allow the seal to fully seat in it's bore. After thinking on it, they are really tight when installed on a cylinder rod. Thank you for your reply
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