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  1. Mine is exactly that way to....
  2. No it´s still the same i think it is the hydraulic pistonpump that´s worn maybe.. When the oil is cold it´s quiet but the noise starts as it warms up.
  3. I did notice the whine the first time when i was plowing (new tracktor to me but it has 8600h on it) but i think it was better when lifting the plow and worse when using remotes to turn the plow over... now when i have been doing silage (round baling and mowing no heavy loads on 3pt) it´s not that bad but maybe i´m getting used to it.... no lines damage so far. But i have changed the charge pump but no improvment there. Been thinking to look at the main pump in the winter and check stand by pressure.
  4. My 8910 has the same symtoms i think is the whine geting worse when the oil is warm? is this a thing that has developed or is the tracktor new to you?
  5. Hello to day when i was baleing whith my 7210 magnum i notised that the trans had a littel whine on the even gears. Do any body now if it´s normal? Mikael
  6. Do anybody now how the simplest way is to measure standby pressure on a 8910 ? And how much flow the piston pump has ?
  7. it´s not that much may be it is normal sounds.....
  8. i have replaced the shaft and bearings (was not really bad but changed it anyway)
  9. screen is cleaned and the charge pump is new has nexplore fluid in
  10. No not the rattle i mean more like whining sounds and small vibrations in levers when using the remotes or steering.
  11. How much hydraulic noise is normal in a boxcar magnum? (7210 pro the european version off 8910)
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