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  1. Thanks to all for the help. Glad to be part of this forum!
  2. I figured the oil was passing through the rear main seal but was thinking it was because the torque converter seals were bad and letting too much escape into the TC housing. So much that it couldn't drain back into the transmission fast enough so it's forcing it through the rear main seal. However, it should be a double lipped seal unless when the reman engine was installed in the mid 90's, they didn't use the right seal. That could explain why the new undercarriage that was installed at the same time, still has around 80% still left on it. They might have just quit using it because of this problem. Just a theory. BTW, I just bought this machine in January this year.
  3. When I went to the local komatsu dealer to get transmission oil, they sold me TO-30. They it was fine to use and was half the price of the 10w hy-trans. Not sure if TO-30 would be fine in the engine or not though.
  4. I've checked the drain line as well as the vent and they seem fine. I can freely blow air through each of them. Torque converter seals?? That's the only other thing I can come up with. I'm fairly new to this machine and I'm just using it on the farm every now and then. If motor oil would work in the transmission I'd just drain some oil out of the engine periodically and not worry about it. Anyone know of an oil that's suitable for both the engine and transmission?
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