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  1. There is slop in the adjustment linkage which I brazed the notch in that pin that connects the valve. It is tight now. As for the rest of the linkage I will have to take another look. I have moved the draft position in random places as well as the 3 pt and no change. However periodically I hear a whine coming from under the steps somewhere below the cab since I replaced the hydro filter. Have yet to check the psi and flow rate as of now. I can lift round bales and will not stall lifting just takes it's time and throttle doesn't seem to make a difference. Had adapters but found an ol boy that had some ends laying around that I bought hoping it will make a difference. I do notice the engine loads a little when i move the lever more than the other.
  2. Well good news is the 3pt raises correctly with that time. I swapped hoses and it has no effect until I swap to the second remote and it works better. Changed the filter and noticed some little bluish fuzzy stuff and a few small pieces of what looks like clutch material but only a couple small chunks. Didnt change much but it was a piece of mind. Could the valve be bad or the remote? Have a guy going to test the psi this weekend. I appreciate all your ideas and things to check!
  3. Mike Is there any good way to check either?
  4. Hey all! I have a 1976 1086 that is having issues with my hydraulic system of sorts. All of the front items work as in the ta and power steering but I hook my loader up one of the controls is slow. I switched the hoses around and still that side is still slow. The #1 lifts and lowers terribly and 2 works great! Also I'm not sure if the 3pt lifts slow. How long should it take to move up from the down position? I'm used to John deere and this is my first red tractor. Any ideas?
  5. Either the switch or corroded fuse block. Check the green wire connected to that space connector. My fuse block was rusty and corroded. High resistance = fire and wiring issues... 🙄
  6. jjohn

    1086 electrical

    Mine is a very early 76 and have the round tach. looking at the diagram you pointed me at some of the connections but there are some strays that need a home
  7. jjohn

    1086 electrical

    Hey all had a fire under the dash and burnt up the wiring. I have repaired the harness but am at a loss where all the wires go. Does anyone have any pictures of where the harness connections go or a very good diagram that I can get. I ordered a service manual set but it does not have any diagrams only on the digital tach. Any help would be gratefully appreciated!
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