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  1. I put the C-IH liners in my 1640 a few years ago and removed the covers over the augers, but I believe they were just bolted in place on each end... If you have bolts going through the grain tank floor, is it possible to access them from above the rotor cage?
  2. Speaking of Texas.... if someone has some trailer space heading north, I've got a couple rear axles with bolsters off of cotton pickers just west of Houston needing a ride to eastern Illy noise. Would be happy to meet part way if I'm not busy with harvest/field work. thanks
  3. It's been awhile, but the things that come to mind are: no down force to dig in hard ground, it would just raise the 3 pt., the "boom" cylinder was undersized or something, it had very little power to pull the bucket, and the swing was entirely too quick and impossible to feather. Also, the narrow bucket seemed to be terrible for cleaning out in sticky soil. Add this all to the fact that they have very short reach, so it's necessary to move forward frequently, constantly moving from the backhoe seat to the tractor seat.
  4. I concur. Had a 3082 around here as a kid growing up. what a POS
  5. I believe it is Poly Tech that makes the most desirable poly floor, if that is the route you choose to go.
  6. I'm very much a proponent of using OEM parts. But in the case of IH engines, what brand is OEM quality? I've been told by the best CaseIH parts guy I know that the parts they sell are Reliance. I'm certain that CNHi is not manufacturing parts for IH 400 series engines. So in this case, which brand of valve guides are good quality and which ones are not? Thank you
  7. That is a possibility, yes. I just don't know either way though. It was in there for close to 600 hours.... wouldn't there be some serious wear on the rockers if they weren't getting oiled?
  8. Well, a little over half way through planting season this spring, it started blowing by out the breather and steadily got a little worse. With no fall back option, I decided to keep running it as long as possible. It almost made it, only 40 acres of field cultivating left. The valve ended up embedded in the piston in two pieces, I think it broke. The guide was so far gone that there was a worn spot on the top of the liner where the valve was rubbing!
  9. Well... it's a long story that I thought might take the thread off into the weeds so I kept it short in my OP. It was rebuilt locally.. but there's more to the story, as there always is. Summer of 2016 I had leaky exhaust manifold gaskets, got them replaced and broke a bolt tightening the thermostat housing. (uGHH) By the time I got that bolt extracted, the threads in the head were ruined, I stuck in a stud and welded it in place to get it running for fall season. Next winter, (Jan 2017) removed the head and the aforementioned machine shop sent this head off to another shop to fix the threads, the second shop sent it back, said it can't be fixed. Sooo... I bought a used head from LKQ truck parts and took it to my (reputable) machine shop to have it gone through and surface ground. In framed the engine, went back together just fine, ran and pulled very well...except..the (Reliance) head gasket was leaking externally in like 3 places. Feb of 2020 I stuck in a new gasket which sealed up the leaks perfectly. As of now, I can't be sure that the Reliance gasket was the correct one for a C series. So now I take the head to the shop and he calls me wondering if we REALLY put in guides last time...his heat tag is not on the head, there's a different tag in a place where he never puts them. Well...idk, 12 guides are on the invoice. Again, this is a good shop that does good work. But we all make mistakes, overlook things. It's possible that he thought I bought a reconditioned head and just brought it to him to have it checked over. idk So, I'm doing a complete out of frame overhaul, but can't find anything that would've caused the problem. like I said, go easy on me lol ?
  10. It's in a 5488 mfwd which gets used pretty hard.
  11. Is there a brand or source of known better quality guides? thank you
  12. Looking at the top deck of the block, it appears the correct gasket was in place.... wouldn't the rocker shaft have a lot of wear if it had no oil? thanks for the reply
  13. Well, he said all of the exhaust guides were badly worn, with #2 being the worst, obviously, and the intake guides had substantial wear also which he said he rarely sees. thanks for the reply
  14. What would be causing excessive valve guide wear on a DTI466 ? Excessive to the point of dropping #2 exhaust valve in less than 1,000 hours. Engine serial number 468 B T2 U422441 My (reputable) machine shop says he typically sees this type of valve guide wear in over 5,000 hours and it has to be an oiling issue. Rocker shaft and tappets check out okay. Oil passage on rear of block which feeds the rocker appears to be fine. Oil passage to rear cam bushing appears to be lined up with oiling slot in cam bushing. Oil pressure is/was very good. thanks for any help, but go easy, just a farmer trying to turn wrenches ?
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