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  1. I realize it's difficult, if not impossible, to sell that theory. But. CNH is rapidly developing a reputation of abandoning parts support ASAP. This will continue to trickle down into resale values compared to the competition, which will also indirectly reduce sales of new production. And, the vicious cycle continues. The green brand hasn't shown many signs of filing bankruptcy resulting from much better parts support/inventories.
  2. No, sir. That one is not priced reasonably. 😉
  3. I've got a 5488 I'd sell pretty reasonably if you're interested.
  4. I am not 100% sure this is correct, but all of the clean power/ground wires on my combine are going to the battery ground. I was surprised by this and assume it's correct... yes they seem to be in excellent condition. Everything else works as it should.... I have not bypassed the AFC module, but I did replace it. I will try this if it acts up more seriously. I hesitated to do so because in tough beans the feeder does plug occasionally and I didn't want to smoke the slip clutch. The bypass procedure is in my OP manual. I haven't been able to check the switch when the c
  5. This issue is starting to get me a bit frustrated. 1992 model year 1640 SN 97327 (important because there are numerous details on this combine which are 1644 upgrades and not necessarily listed correctly in the parts book) The issue I am having is that the feeder will randomly stop (disengage) while combining through the field. Almost always; stopping, slowing the machine down and flipping the switch will restart it. There seems to be no rhyme or reason to how frequent it happens, it started probably 5 years ago with only happening twice in 200 engine hours per year, perhaps. The last couple f
  6. Make sure both cables are free and not binding. One cable engages the shift forks and the other one switches the gates from one side to the other
  7. neukm

    Free BS 1066

    Take it home, and if you aren't interested/don't have time to fix it up or part it out, fix the flat tire as cheaply as possible and put it on Auction Time as is. Pretty sure it'll bring more than $400
  8. Is that a 20 ft head? The only poly feed plate I'd consider would be the poly tech
  9. What I'm describing would not cause the tractor to creep, obviously. But; make sure the shift linkage is free and well lubricated, the Range lever can move both the M - H and the R - L linkage at the same time if it binds up.
  10. Came across this while browsing bigiron and thought I'd post it on the chance someone knows of a use for it rather than scrap. Not affiliated with the sale of it in any way. https://www.bigiron.com/Lots/CaseIH74884WDTractorFrontEnd
  11. Changing the website format is one thing. We all have our preferences and likes, but if this was the only issue, I would whole heartedly agree with you. Not providing NLA part numbers, however, is a whole other issues. And a huge one! Common wear items can be described verbally and located...but anyone who has done serious repairs knows that there's no replacement for a parts schematic. How are we supposed to locate salvage parts with no identification number? This isn't just an issue for old IH tractors and equipment, the last two components for my 215 Magnum had to come from The D
  12. CNH = we'll use IH tractors for marketing tools, we just won't supply parts for them. Or even a full schematic.
  13. Something doesn't seem right... Will the rotor actually go that slow? 100 RPMs? Is the concave pinch point set too far to the left?
  14. What a feeling that must have been, staring down the Ruskies, as out numbered as you guys were! And, it's not like they were lacking in equipment and capabilities. In the book "Reagan's War" it says that after the wall came down, warehouses in East Germany were found with new street signs for Western Europe and a new preprinted currency. I don't know if this is true or not.
  15. Very fair and accurate assessment IMO, oldtanker. I don't believe there was any armored vehicle in WW2 that could stand up to the German 88mm and the US Army didn't realize the potential problem they might encounter after the North African and Sicilian campaigns. I believe Eisenhower himself didn't think the Pershing was a necessity at that time. Another good point in regards to the terrain in Korea..and I doubt the North Koreans were highly trained, some Wehrmacht tankers in those T34s most likely would have made a huge difference vs the Shermans. Really, the terrain of the Western Front
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