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  1. I'm certainly no expert, but I assume the machine shop replaced the valve guides? I don't see that you mentioned it specifically though, but I could've missed it.
  2. If you decide to part it out, I'd be interested in the 4th remote complete kit.
  3. Without looking, I think it's only in the low to mid 6K range. Dad bought it new when I was a kid. All it's done for the past 13 years is pull wagons and some mowing. It's never been back to the dealer since it had the hyd levers updated under warranty. I put a Trimble RTK unit in the 5488 this spring and the lie o meter is surprisingly accurate for mph. Top speed right at 20 but the governor won't quite hold 2600, and that's with 520/85R38s.
  4. I have a 5088 that has never had any transmission work done to it, and a 5488 that has had the full CaseIH update. Top road speed is at most a .75 MPH difference between the tractors. There was no noticeable speed difference before and after the update in the 5488.
  5. neukm


    A 5488 with 9500 hours has almost certainly had the speed transmission opened up. The question would be, did they update the countershaft at the time to the keyed vs the spline.
  6. neukm


    If that tractor has had the speed transmission updates, it's worth a lot more than 7500
  7. If you want to pressurize the oil galley before initial start up, hook some sort of oil pump to the drain plug on the oil cooler and pump in a couple quarts. I'd imagine the port for the sending unit would work as well, but I believe the manual says to use the oil cooler drain plug.
  8. I believe the differences to be: Intercooler, Bosch MW pump on the 1983 & 1984 models, larger fan, an extra disc in the master clutch, heavier differential, heavier planetaries.
  9. I've got a 5488 for sale, priced reasonably. 1983 model by serial number with a HD front axle.
  10. And if the oil pump drive idler gear breaks the tab after 2800 hours on the 5.9 at rated RPMs? Funny thing, the CaseIH dealer just laughed and said that is pretty common. Zero chance I would swap a 5.9 or 8.3 in place of a 400 series after the luck we've had with cummins engines, it seems like an absurd sales pitch to even consider.
  11. I realize you mentioned the priority valve looked good but on my 5488 mfwd I took some emery cloth to the spool and removed a bit of scoring which made a huge difference.
  12. I realize it's difficult, if not impossible, to sell that theory. But. CNH is rapidly developing a reputation of abandoning parts support ASAP. This will continue to trickle down into resale values compared to the competition, which will also indirectly reduce sales of new production. And, the vicious cycle continues. The green brand hasn't shown many signs of filing bankruptcy resulting from much better parts support/inventories.
  13. I've got a 5488 I'd sell pretty reasonably if you're interested.
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