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  1. Hello, Thanks very much Louie. I was thinking about just fixing them up and using them but that's too big for me. Don't think my 3/4 ton would be at all happy about towing that beast around. Thanks again for the info and for saving me the 300 mile trip to see something that's not going to work for me anyways. They are located in Maryland if anyone is interested. TwinDad
  2. Hello, Can anyone tell me what are the model of these loaders. They are supposed to be the same model and the one with an engine appears to have either the 282D in it or something similar. Thinking about buying them as the guy wants $950 for the pair and they do have 4 in 1 buckets. I've got a pair of 4 cylinder diesels sitting around which are in the 50hp range so thinking I could put one of those in the machine without an engine and sell one and keep one. Am I completely off my rocker here or are these a decent deal and worth the money and effort to get running. I would greatly appreciate your opinions. Thanks in advance TwinDad
  3. TwinDad

    312 Vs 282

    Hello, No worries. This is excellent information and is very interesting. I am going to rebuild the 282 instead of trying a different engine. Seems to make the most sense as then I don't have worry about trying to make something work. The rebuild price on the 282 isn't that bad especially compared to the price of rebuilding the DT-817 that my dad has in his TD-25. TwinDad
  4. Hello, So Louie you were right it is a TD-9. I decided I didn't really need a TD-9 sitting around in my yard even if the winch and pump would work. The owner was really nice and gave me back my money. So if anyone is interested in a TD-9 feel free to call Jerry Ratcliffe at 304-890-2720. Serial number on the machine is TDCB52206. TwinDad
  5. Hello, I can ask for more pics. The person I'm in contact with is a friend of the seller so not sure what all he has. I did ask him and he said it was a TD-6 and I'm guessing he asked asked the seller because he didn't have it listed as either in the ad. I have to admit I'm going to be quite annoyed if it is a TD-9 however knowing that the winch and other parts will still work is good to know. What about it makes you think it is a 9 versus a 6 series? I don't know enough about them to truly tell any difference from pictures. I've seen a couple TD-9's in person and I've seen the other TD-6 in person but outside of that my familiarity is with the Terratrac 600 and IH TD-25 not with these. Either way it will all work out because I don't have a ton of money in both machines. If it is a TD-9 I'll probably scavenge the winch and pump and try and trade the rest to someone else. Would be semi funny if this was a 9 series and they thought it was a 6 because the guy who owned the other machine thought it was a 9 series and it is a 6. He did say the guy who owned this machine was very familiar with it which is how he knew it was a 1959 machine. I texted him earlier today and he said he thought the original engine was a 4 cylinder diesel, so if it is a 6 it is a 61 series. TwinDad
  6. Hello, I was just looking at the 61 and 62 series with two top idlers and they are both 50" gauge so wouldn't they be interchangeable? TwinDad
  7. Hello, I couldn't see in the original pictures that the grousers had been redone. I wonder if the rest of the tracks have been redone as well. I was mostly interested in the winch since my machine didn't have one and they sound pretty handy. What size cable do the winches on these machines use? Having a parts machine seemed like a pretty good idea as long as it isn't worn completely out. Apparently the son of the original owner is the seller. The original owner brought the engine to a machine shop to have it redone and then passed away. Doesn't seem to be a way to get that engine. Thanks all, TwinDad
  8. Hello, Here are some pics of the new parts machine. It's a 1959 TD-6 so it should be a 62 series right? I found it on FB marketplace and oddly enough it's located about 35-40 miles away from the other machine. I'm getting stuff together to get my trailer ready to go get these bad boys hopefully sometime in either May or June. I've got the concrete people coming this week to pour the slab for the garage so Good Lord willing garage will be up and ready for the dozers by the time I'm able to pick them up. I think my trailer would haul both but don't think my truck would like it so I'm going to pick them up one at a time. They are about 300 miles from my house which is the only inconvenient part but my little girl loves hotels so not really that bad. Let me know what you think. Thanks all and stay safe and healthy, TwinDad.
  9. Hello, I found a TD-6 parts machine with really nice looking tracks, from the pics, for $650. It doesn't have an engine but it does have a winch and looks like everything else is there. I figured for that price I couldn't really go wrong because the winch is worth $650 so if the pins or bushings on the tracks are shot I'm still ahead of the game. The grousers look excellent. Now just need to get a new deck on my trailer and redo the wiring and I can go pick it up and the the other machine as well. Thanks MMI for the information. Sorry I wasted your time I saw this on marketplace this weekend and got in contact with the guy yesterday. TwinDad
  10. Hello, Do you think it is worth the money to try and switch to a Caterpillar undercarriage once it gets to that point versus trying to search out a International parts machine? Thanks for the information, TwinDad
  11. Hello, Just wanted to give you all a quick update. We refied our house and decided to build a garage/shop so that has taken precedence over the dozer, but also has the upside of meaning I will have a garage to work on the dozer and finally a place to put my acquired collection of stuff. Been raining non stop since I put the down payment on the shop so hoping to get it done within the next month or so and then hopefully hopefully hopefully get the dozer in the garage and working on it by June. I've got fibromyalgia and a bad back so I move kind of slow but eventually I will have it running. Didn't want everyone thinking I had forgotten about the dozer or moved on, just moving slow. Thanks all TwinDad
  12. TwinDad

    312 Vs 282

    Hello, I have a TD-6 62 series dozer with a 282 needing a rebuild in it. My Dad just found a 312 for sale in his local paper which is supposed to run good for $500 and I wanted to know if it would be an easy swap and would it be worth doing or should I just go ahead and rebuild the 282. Thanks for the information, TwinDad
  13. I'm going to be rebuilding a D282 for a TD-6 62 series dozer. If you are interested you can get ARP head bolts along with main and rod bolts from Murphy's motor service. The head studs are $175 and main studs were $99 and the rod bolt kits was $60. I got those prices last fall so they might have changed a little. I'm planning on doing all three just for insurance. Matthew
  14. Hello, Thanks for the info. I noticed that the pitch was the same and there is someone fairy close selling one for parts, so that's why I was curious. I very much appreciate you all sharing your knowledge and experience with these machines. I'm really excited to start working on mine. Have a great weekend everyone.
  15. Hello, Will parts from a 500 E fit? Or are there any other machines that can retrofitted to a TD-6? I know for the TD-25B that you can go to D8 bullgears, front idlers and chains but I am completely unfamiliar with the TD-6. Thanks for the information everyone it is very much appreciated.
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