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  1. Thanks for all help. New pump fix problem and then got the pleasure of replacing to multiple hoses after.
  2. I'm pretty sure I was deadheading the pump,the remotes and hoses got pretty hot. Assuming I was,would the relief valve be the first place to start?
  3. I had the lever in the down position,I thought that was float. Which put the wings in the down position.
  4. I feel pretty stupid realizing this after owning my 1486 for 15 years but I guess better late than never. 265014U19559 is on the tag. I had Low pressure 3 years ago on my remotes, bought services manuals to troubleshoot/fix. I don't know much about hydraulics but with a manual and some curse words I can fix 65% of issues on my equipment. Used 1st set of digits to reference serial numbers instead of after the U, Thought I had a Closed system. Rebuild MCV and changed pump, problem fixed. I Don't put many hours on this tractor. Last month bought a set of jd fold down disks to chop up my property. Reading disks manual it you says need a closed system to put remotes in float position for wings or it could damage tractor. Well after chopped for about 2 hours with remote bungee corded in float position I suddenly lost power to remotes, after looking over my manual again I now figure out I have a open system. Only getting about 750# max out of remotes. SO what all did I most likely fry and where's the best place to start looking? Any help would be appreciated for a illiterate shade tree mechanic.
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