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  1. Thank you very much for posting. I guess I wasn't searching with the correct words. Dealer wants $47 for the same thing I found out today.
  2. My lens is missing and the bulb holder is broke. Any idea where I can get a new one or factory replacement. I still need to call local IH dealer and check with them. My tractor is a 1066. Thanks!
  3. That is very knowledgeable and good words of wisdom to go by. That does make sense. Thanks again for all your input.
  4. Supermechanic, that is a good idea. Green in most of the equipment except for vehicles. Does GM/dexcool have the good stuff to help out with electrolysis (if it does) and lime scale buildup? You're correct on the full strength coolant. Usually just gets the hydrant water added, which is full of crap.
  5. Fresh inframe overhaul on a dt414 in a 1066 and wondering what antifreeze is best to use. It doesn't have a coolant filter but I just plan on running coolant that has the correct "stuff" in it, and checking and changing it when needed. Thanks.
  6. Okay, that is true. Not real sure where the Maxiforce piston/sleeve kit is made (if that matters) but they are inexpensive. I got 3 new lifters (tappets) from Case/IH to replace the pitted ones. Kinda disappointed on where the lifters were made at. If the U.S. / China relationship ever falls through, we'll have a **** of a time rebuilding these engines.
  7. No, no, I've got new sleeves postions rings, etc to go back in. I might not have said that correctly, sorry. If the originals weren't cavitated, I was going to just replace the o-rings and rotate the sleeves 180° and reinstall.
  8. Quick question, I recently pulled the sleeves and pistons to do an in frame rebuild, I pulled the camshaft followers out and one of them has some pitting on the surface that rubs the camshaft lobe. The camshaft lobe’s looks fine, I did not measure them, but can I just replace that one follower that is pitted with a new one or is there another way to fix this without having to pull the camshaft? The only reason for doing an in frame overhaul was because the sleeves were cavitated on the camshaft side. Was going to re-ring the sleeves and spin them before reinstalling them. I just put the tractor back together after replacing the clutch and new TA. Thanks.
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