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  1. The seal inside was fine, leakage was old goo inside that got hot and oozed out. The reason for locking up I think was the never seize did seize around the balls, was a crust built up. I polished the ramps up with a mold polishing dremel tool I had in my toolbox from when I built plastic molds, cleaned it all up and greased the balls with a film of high pressure lube. Hopefully it will be good when it is back on and adjusted. About myTD-9, it is a Hough Loader on it.
  2. Wanted to show Rawleigh99 my TD 9, think it is a 46, everything works on it today, don't know about the next time I use it !!
  3. Yes I meant the parking brake lock, the tractor wasn't even pulling to one side when I was down the road with it. I looked up the date of manufacture today, it is a 1955, same age as me. Started it up and backed it up, went forward a few feet, then couldn't get it back into reverse. It looks like I posted in the correct place, because this may be a project.
  4. Bought a 400 at auction yesterday, needed to drive the 3 miles home, started to smell something, looked down and saw smoke about a half mile down the road. Stopped everything and got down, saw black goo oozing from the brake boot. Obviously hotter than I wanted to see, brake pedals were not locked, e brake wasn't set. Let it sit for a bit started it and went backwards, used brakes, went forward, put clutch in, used both brakes separately, all seemed fine. I drove it home and parked it till I could ask someone about, what did I wreck, what do I check now?
  5. I will go with the regulator block being plugged, that makes the most sense to start on that next. Never had a problem with the old pump but it did burst the seal dumping the fluid into crankcase last August, so maybe I had an issue and never knew it. Lifting the disc onto its tires I never thought was too much of a lift, maybe it was.
  6. I put the couplers on so I could hook up to my disc hydraulics, the controls above the breather behind steering wheel are disconnected. Looks like that may be a problem as well.
  7. My last posting on here was hydraulic oil in crankcase last summer. I ended up buying a replacement pump, no gasket sets in stock for other pump, first new pump started screaming when put on, bad bearing, second one came and was fine. But after a few minutes hydraulic oil started to run out of breather shown in second picture. So I took the depth control valve picture three apart and replaced o-rings after making sure pistons moved free. Seemed better but always like the pump was always giving full pressure. Tractor sat from October till just recently, I topped off oil to half inch below plug shown, was down about an inch, and almost right away when I started tractor had oil running from breather again. So I took the relief valve apart behind connectors shown in pic 5, seemed OK, replaced o-rings and it is back together. It still seems like the pump is always on full pressure, the 3 point lifts fine and depth control works like it should, am I missing something?
  8. Your google search did better than mine, thanks a lot, I have it ordered.
  9. This is a Cessna pump, and this is the seal kit that I need, but it is not available. there is no way I can make a new gasket, don't think RTV would work
  10. Thanks everyone, sits by the edge of marsh right now, going to drain engine oil right now, will not run it back home with all the hydraulic oil in crankcase. I was and am hoping a seal went in pump, easy to get at.
  11. I was pulling the disc around with my 240, lifting it with hydraulics at the corners. About a half hour into it started to smoke like a diesel, it never smoked before and I shut it down. Started it up a half hour later to lift disc and move it but had no hydraulics. Took the disc off and parked tractor for a day, checked oil and it was 3 inches high on dipstick. So I think I know why it was smoking, but why is hydraulic oil getting into the crankcase, is it in the pump that a seal went, or between the engine and hydraulic reservoir?
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