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  1. I never use the debit option, one station around here was hitting the cards for $100 even if you only got $20-$30 worth.
  2. What did the allis bring?
  3. I have nothing to say that will change the situation . All I can do is pray, satan wants us to lose faith an when we do it’s his victory. Keep praying an keep your faith, no matter how bad it gets we still have God. This life really stinks sometimes but it’s no where near as bad as eternity in ****
  4. Boston, More than a feeling, Joan Jett I love rock ‘n’ roll. Ex wife’s cousin was Joan’s drummer for a while, got to go back stage at one of her concerts
  5. I had a 870, had a 336 an original owner had a turbo put on it at the dealer before he took delivery ,power shift I liked it a lot. That thing had a lot of snot. Great on fuel, used way less then my 986, or 1066 on manure pump or silage blower. Brakes weren’t the best but I was told they never were very good , it had close to 10,000 hours on it when I sold it. Wish I still had it
  6. We were in Lancaster Pa area couple weeks ago an stopped for gas, wife got out to stretch an said really! There’s a warning not to insert gas nozzle into mouth or rectum! Do people really do that stuff?
  7. Sorry for your loss, we lost 2 last year an it just plain hurts
  8. Sorry for your loss an Congrats on grandson! My Granddaughter was born 3 months prior to losing my Dad, God new I would need her to help me through losing him
  9. That would be a nice one too, had to harass him about it after he got it, an he said he couldn’t pass that up for the price he got that for.
  10. Bitty you need the 400 don’t you?
  11. Any guesses what this while bring? 1 owner, 5031 hours. Guy took good care of everything. Was top in Lycoming county dhia so years. Machinery is as good a shape as his cows were. 90 years old an going to retire.
  12. IH 986

    Nice gift

    Wife helped granddaughter make this for me for Father’s Day , she is more like a daughter to me then granddaughter. She’ll even slip an call me Dad once in a while. Stuff like this means the world to me
  13. Thoughts an prayers to you an your family
  14. IH 986

    66 cab

    Not sure but I don’t think it was.
  15. IH 986

    66 cab

    Guy put a 66 series cab on this truck. Did a nice job.
  16. I sure enjoy the fact she loves farm chores! Bought some feeder heifers today an had to move some calves around. She called me asked if I was stopping to get her for chores so she could help build a pen an move the new calves. After we got that done we had to fill water tub an she went an grabbed these 2 buckets an filled ( half full) by herself an said “ Look Pap! I have buckets like you!” She fills my heart
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