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  1. Plaque my wife made that has my Dad's ashes glued on the feather an doves
  2. We gave granddaughter a black an decker kids work bench for Christmas. Her an Grammy built a birdhouse first thing. She has the interest to do a variety of things from handing me wrenches, helping put some parts on equipment, greasing changing oil an loves helping feed calves an pigs. Told her she’d need to know this stuff if she wants to be a farmer lol. The plaque her an her Grammy are holding was made by my wife for me for my Dad Merry Christmas !
  3. Sorry for your loss. I like to look at pictures of my Dad , old ones when him an Mom first got married an started farming, ones of him chopping corn, it just “helps”
  4. Happy belated birthday Tony!
  5. Happy Thanksgiving Gary! How’s Haven doing?
  6. Is this the neighbor with the hog barn an dairy farm at end of your dairy barn road?
  7. So question about solar panels. Is there mercury used in them? If so, what about hail storms busting them? Will the companies that install the large fields of panels actually clean up the panels if they go bankrupt after installation or any contamination in the ground from said panels. Neighbor has panels for his own use, said without tax credits an some other grant it wouldn’t ever pay to have them
  8. IH 986

    Taking time

    My nephew owns a bar an restaurant an had Elsa there to have breakfast with the kids. Granddaughter loves Elsa , so we loaded up her, her Mom, grammy(my wife) an Grama Millie ( my mom) an had an awesome time. My sister was waitressing and other nephew who is a chef was cooking. I didn’t share it when it happened but my nephew the chef lost his 7 year old son in August in a car accident in South Carolina. He has since then decided to move back where his Mom lives an his brother wanted him to be the chef at his restaurant. Trying to make time for the important things. After step daughter an granddaughter’s accident a few weeks ago an seen how close things could have been worse an how my nephews life was turned upside down losing his son. That little bit of time in the day can turn into a life long regret of not taking time to make a memory
  9. Ann an Nancy were easy on a teen age boys eyes too back then. I had several of their, are you ready “ cassette tapes”. Great music an she did a great job
  10. Glad to hear your great granddaughter came through operation well, continued prayers for complete healing
  11. Late getting chores started tonight as we went an got a car for step daughter tonight after last weeks accident. Was finishing bedding pigs an got a wicked smell of skunk. Heeler decided she needed to chase it away from barn. Gave her a bath with baking soda , dish detergent, apple cider vinegar, vanilla an hydrogen peroxide. Even her collar doesn’t stink. Best thing yet to get rid of skunk smell
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