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  1. Hope everyone gets over it quickly. My wife is still on 4 liters of oxygen, has to use a walker majority of time to get around, slowly doing things in kitchen but just a horrible slow recovery. First dr visit after her release from hospital, dr told us she’s a miracle she’s alive. Only 5% of her lungs is all that was open when she was admitted. Just thank God she’s alive
  2. IH 986


    Sorry for your loss, prayers for you an your family
  3. Prayers to you an your wife
  4. I guess the $3500 I gave for this ‘99 power stroke last year in November was a good deal. 195,000 on it when I got it, but runs an drives good yet
  5. I was by your place in august I think, Seneca was drilling at Ogden burg , just as you start down the s’s at the used car guy , there was a huge buck going across the fields in the bottom. Thought it was a beef steer at first looking at the body, then I looked at head,
  6. IH 986

    52 days

    Well after 52 days in hospital with the covid pneumonia , I brought my wife home from hospital last night. On o2 an ton of meds we're at least on the home stretch to recovery
  7. The stamina will be slow returning. I didn’t need o2 but I had the pneumonia , an it’s been little over a month since I had it an im maybe 60% back to normal. I’ve been doing tires again an i just plain don’t have the strength or stamina I did. I did the 2 on left myself Wednesday took 4 hours to change an put the new one on an change old dual for the one that’s on it. Step son helped me do other 2 on Saturday an we were done in 3 hrs
  8. The dexamethazone will make so hungry it’s not funny. They put me on it after I was at er couple days after wife was admitted. Couldn’t get enough to eat, didn’t feel good, but man was i hungry. also keep an eye on your blood sugar while on it, it messes with that big time.
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