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  1. Wife worked at Tsc one Christmas an guy brought a new Lincoln cordless grease gun back he was given for a Christmas present. Said charger didn’t work, Tsc policy, throw out give customer a new one. Wife fished it out of dumpster, took the charger apart, replaced a $1.50 fuse. Still using it today an charger works fine. Awful what these companies waste
  2. IH 986

    The Dog Thread

    Sorry for you loss, we never have them long enough
  3. Who had the sale? I’m 5 miles from Millville, need to get a life I guess I didn’t know anything about it
  4. I miss farming an talking with my Dad, miss milking cows an just the smell of the dairy. I miss what life used to be like 40 years ago, as others have said “ simpler times”
  5. I’ve changed a few tires for guys with duck tape wrapped around the rim
  6. Great vet, great show. Old school , don’t give up on an animal. Granddaughter absolutely loves his show
  7. Was at Lycoming county’s dmv last Thursday, no waiting line at all, actually the quickest I’d ever seen
  8. My granddaughter isn’t afraid of dirt or mud. She digs right in an helps with anything she can from tires to shoveling pig poop or helping me change the brakes on her mommas car. She’ll be 4 next week
  9. Couldn’t take seeing Bonnie (Clyde’s sister from rip Clyde) sinking further in to depression or the emptiness we were freeing anymore. Found a rescue place close to home an inquired about a heeler border collie mix only to find out he was adopted already. She sent me picture of Kyle. I liked the look of him but wasn’t sure if he was what I wanted. We went an looked at him an played with him, granddaughter loved him an said let’s take him home. First few days I wasn’t sure he would work with Bonnie an our older heeler. He wanted to play an they weren’t to receptive an things got a little a
  10. You can have our worthless flake an his mrs. doubtfire secretary of health from Pa.
  11. My guess too. An you can bet there will be a an uptick in price, processors don’t lose money.
  12. Drive by this farm with these cribs on it. The one is long an tall. Would love to have seen this place in its hey day
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