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  1. Wife sent me this picture this morning about an hour after I left for work. Buddy likes my pillow. He’s been a really good dog, loves my granddaughter, has killed 23 ground hogs, 5 snakes an 4-5 red squirrels this year, I’m glad we rescued him. Very loving , loyal an smart.
  2. I seen Adam’s post last night on fb, was kinda shocked. It’s a tough decision to make. I made it 10 years ago, I miss it everyday still, but don’t miss the political bs that runs the dairy industry. I don’t have enough ground to grain farm so it was off farm work along with the farm tire business I started in 2015. Good luck with the future endeavors. There’s only 3 dairy farms left in my township when there use to be 20-25
  3. This truck came to pick up a trailer today where I work. All I can say nicely done
  4. Prayers for your wife an you.
  5. Lemon sponge, sour cherry, black raspberry custard
  6. I was asked if I could share a link for his funeral. There’s going to be live broadcast of the service. In the obituary it tells how to go to the broadcast on Wednesday. https://www.prayfuneral.com/m/obituaries/Jeremy-Droscha/Memories?fbclid=IwAR1KUdqwTKhGMZBRoONi28vtynElRjVw1qdziYgwI0jktIu9XoXl05kk4E0
  7. Even have directions on how to carry their pizza.
  8. Prayers for you both
  9. Granddaughter likes to go along on “tire jobs” as she calls them. First picture on way, second one 5 minutes after we're done an headed home lol. She gets right in an helps to the best of her ability.
  10. IH 986

    Shed moving

    Watch those darn water truck drivers up there when you move it
  11. Hope everyone gets over it quickly. My wife is still on 4 liters of oxygen, has to use a walker majority of time to get around, slowly doing things in kitchen but just a horrible slow recovery. First dr visit after her release from hospital, dr told us she’s a miracle she’s alive. Only 5% of her lungs is all that was open when she was admitted. Just thank God she’s alive
  12. IH 986


    Sorry for your loss, prayers for you an your family
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