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  1. IH 986


    Sliced, 3/8”, soaked in soy sauce, Worcestershire , an teriyaki sauce. Garlic powder, onion powder an pepper. I like to soak for 24 hrs an pop in oven at lowest setting for 12 hrs. Sometimes a shot of hot sauce mixed with just soy an Worcestershire an pepper. Only ever used venison . Dang hungry now
  2. IH 986

    The Dog Thread

    They become so much of a part of our lives it’s like losing a piece of your soul. Sorry for your loss. The first blue heeler was a constant companion from the day I brought her home as a pup. Rode everywhere an everything I did, tractor, skid steer , four wheeler an vehicles. Had her 12 years, was the hardest thing taking her to the vet that day. Had the other heeler before I lost her but he never bonded with any one except his first owner an by the way their names are both Blue. Took me a year but I finally was ready to bring another dog home an ended up with 2. They’re brother an sister believe it or not! Bonnie an Clyde , border collie an blue heeler cross. I see the pictures are out of order but the black an white one in the chair is the sister to the border collie looking one
  3. IH 986

    New member

    Here’s not the greatest pictures of my 986, Somewhere I have better pictures but I think they are actual photographs. 1st an 2nd pictures are of my granddaughter who is my shadow, kinda has become what my world revolves around an I seem to be what hers does too, lol. Her mom is a single mom working 3rd shift so we’ve have her a lot since she was born. 3rd is the last time my Dad helped me farm in spring of 2016, he passed that September . ny bill, we built a free stall barn an parlor too. Labor wise it was nice, but I still prefer the tie stall barn. I know my knees liked the parlor better, lol Again thank you for the warm welcome, not sure I have a lot of knowledge to contribute an am a little reserved at speaking out too.
  4. IH 986

    New member

    I appreciate the warning. I’m no speed driver an probably use to much caution when running those trucks. I seen that spot when coming over from canton . Pick water up at blossburg so I’m empty coming over but I seen several places a guy could get in trouble on those hills an turns real easy.
  5. IH 986

    New member

    Small company, 4 trucks. It’s a friend of mine that I helped get started an asked me if I’d drive till he got going with drivers, but I’m still there. We aren’t over there everyday. Most work is over for Chesapeake around Towanda Wyalusing area.
  6. IH 986

    New member

    Thanks for the welcome. Soon as I figure out how to size the pictures I’ll get some up. My 9 had 2100 hrs on it when I got it in 88, it’s an 81 model with four post, around 8000 hrs now. Tim I drive for tried an true services hauling water up to the pge pad on Taylor road.
  7. IH 986

    New member

    New member, been reading for a year or 2. Enjoy the knowledge an experience shared here. Raised on farm didn’t farm a lot or raise a lot of animals till I decided my senior year of high school that I wanted to milk my own cows not someone else’s. Our barn wasn’t set up for dairy so I rented a neighbors barn an bought 20 cows to start that was 1987,second year I bought another herd of 25 cows an my 986 that I still have. Then took the big leap in 1990 an bought the farm that I’m on now that had a 52 stall barn built in 1980. Loved the individual cow care, took my herd to the top 3 in Lycoming county dhia by 1993. Was doing what I loved an loved what I was doing till August 30 1999 an had a day that I won’t forget ever. Ran to town to pay for a bigger bulk tank that was going to be put in next day. On way home I seen smoke, I was only 8 miles from home, gone less than 45 minutes. Closer to home the more I could see it was close to my place, crested the hill an could see my barn was billowing smoke. Lost 55 cows an 5 calves. We rebuilt but the extra debt, a divorce in 2007 required a refinance an those wonderful milk prices of 2009 just finally took its toll on me an sold cows in March 2010. I read how guys don’t miss milking cows when they leave but I do. I work the gas field now, (been by your place a lot lately bitty, lol.) Also started a farm tire service 4 years ago but when ag prices suffer so does ag service co. So do what I have to survive. sorry probably more info than most needed or want but hey at least you have an idea of who I am. Oh an I’m a diehard red man, even though I only have my 986 that’s red an rest are pumpkins Keith
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