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  1. Forgot about bubby, web Snyder was Massey in Montgomery .
  2. What he always told me about it, it was one of his favorite tractors he ever had. All I ever knew of it was a old picture of it. How about Harold corsons outside of muncy for Allis-Chalmers an Plotts between muncy an Turbotville for Ford ? You guys raised tomatoes? Must have known olive sones or dio shelter . She raised tomatoes for chef boyardee (Sp)?
  3. IH 986

    Tin toy

    Ok ,thanks. Some of those old toys like that are worth more than one thinks sometimes
  4. IH 986

    Tin toy

    It belonged to her Dad when he was a child, he passed 3 months ago at 88. Would there have been cars for on toy trains?
  5. Yes it was Arthur Myers . Building is still there, bicycle shop now. He dealt with waltz’s , had new case 830 from them. Was at Clark’s too, Farnsworth’s was a Myers too I believe, Emerson . I’m only few miles from where farnsworths farms are. We started going to mifflinburg too about 1980-1981. Dugans was John Deere in Hughesville too
  6. IH 986

    Tin toy

    If you’re referring to the rings on hand in picture, that’s the lady’s hand that has the car lol
  7. IH 986

    Tin toy

    Anyone on here know anything about these little tin cars? Lady called about a flat tire on a green compact tractor. I stopped on way home from water hauling to see if it can be patched or need a new tire. It’s in the garage, filled with stuff they’re trying to organize to have a sale, all kinds of cool stuff the older generation had, kept an don't make anymore. Any way tire can be patched an tubed, she showed me the “toys” offered to swap tire repair for a 1/16 case 1070 with duals, slight wear an a international 3414 backhoe. I said deal. The she asked if I could find any info on these tin cars. Any info greatly appreciated. ( I know long story for simple question. Been sitting here for 5 1/2 hours waiting to get a load of water an was just told it’ll be 2 more hours till tank has enough water to get a load)
  8. It’s only time I remember Dad ever dealing there. I do know he got it cheaper there because they delivered it in a crate unassembled an Dad put it together on the barn floor. I wasn’t old enough to remember Bartlow s in Millville being open, an there’s still a building in muncy that was an IH dealer, Myer’s, after that it was coopers in Turbotville, Jim the parts guy was great, owners son was a peach to deal with
  9. I remember my Dad buying a new 510 grain drill from them , cause he talked them into throwing a 1026 pedal tractor an trailer in on the deal.
  10. International 47, chute baler for years till brother went to college then Dad bought a thrower for it. Worked great never missed a bale. Park brake slipped on 706 an run off an jackknifed, bent bale chamber. NH 273 ok baler, then a NH 320, had to really push the hay through that thing to keep a nice shaped bale
  11. Thanks for all the pictures, also it was nice meeting an talking to you an B J. I see there was an electrall there on a mta. We looked for it after talking to you but missed it.
  12. That’s really nice!
  13. Wife works part time at Fairfield inn at lightstreet exit. She got called in tonight an she called me said they have 18 rooms with no minimum nights but $199 a night if anyone would still need something.Throwing this out there, guessing everyone has rooms by now.
  14. IH 986

    966 VS 4020

    Is that a Minneapolis moline manure spreader hooked up to 560?
  15. I sent him pics of how I did it on my d17. I only needed single two way outlet to use on my grain drill. I can take the plugs out an run another set of outlets. Bought the dual outlet block at Tsc off their discount rack for $50.
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