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  1. IH 986

    66 cab

    Not sure but I don’t think it was.
  2. IH 986

    66 cab

    Guy put a 66 series cab on this truck. Did a nice job.
  3. I sure enjoy the fact she loves farm chores! Bought some feeder heifers today an had to move some calves around. She called me asked if I was stopping to get her for chores so she could help build a pen an move the new calves. After we got that done we had to fill water tub an she went an grabbed these 2 buckets an filled ( half full) by herself an said “ Look Pap! I have buckets like you!” She fills my heart
  4. IH 986


    Very good song any day but especially today! He is risen indeed
  5. Unityville, Pa, farm we're on wasn’t in family. Been here awhile though, house was built in 1756
  6. IH 986

    Wedding ring

    My Mom work er for years an talked about de gloving, some fixable some not so much
  7. IH 986

    Wedding ring

    The reason I got this one is the tractor tread design
  8. Seen one guy seeding alfalfa up around wyalusing today, an they did some last Friday
  9. IH 986

    Dealer decal

    Who was that? I grew up not to far from Clarkstown an my gram lived there her whole life
  10. Thought I’d try one of these since I’ve broke 2 metal ones an one cutting my finger pretty good. Like it so far, some kind of silicone, flexible material . They have several colors including red.
  11. IH 986

    Dealer decal

    Yes he went out himself he wasn’t bto, can’t remember who he went with though.
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