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  1. Sorry for your pain an heart break, sure wish they lived longer
  2. IH 986


    Prayers sent
  3. Sunset tonight after 8” of snow last night
  4. Always try an have erythromycin crumbles or terramycin crumbles on hand, sprinkled on feed. Sadly it now needs a vet prescription but still worth the $38 “consultation fee” from vet. Works well as preventative for respiratory problems
  5. When I was in high school my friends Dad was an auctioneer, he’d hire us kids to get ready for auctions. Mostly household , estate auctions. At that time a lot of depression era people’s estates. Unbelievable what we hauled out of attics an garages: purses with broken straps, broken cups, plates anything you could think of that should have been disposed of 50 years before was there. But I will say to check things like purses an storage boxes closely , we found $3000 in an old worn out purse one time, old coins left in containers money put in books for “safe “ keeping
  6. This happened little over a year ago about 5 miles from us. Guy lived but was pretty bad shape. Thunderstorm going on an blew a tree across highway in front of him
  7. Case had 336, I had one for awhile. Guy who bought it new had a turbo put on an set from factory. Had a lot of snot, great on fuel an that long stroke 4 cylinder lugged like a champ
  8. I’m sorry, it’s a heart breaking thing to go thru. The first picture is of my Blue Bird, from the time I got her she was attached to me, went everywhere with me. Rode in tractor skid steer, laid on the floor in milking parlor while we milked. Ripped my heart out an part of me died with her when she passed. Took me a year before I considered getting another dog. Then seen an add with border collie, blue heeler pups. Told my wife I’m ready. Went an looked at these pups, 10 there total an “Clyde” the bigger one in the second photo came over to me an sat on my foot an looked up at me, said I’ll take this one, he chose me lol. Hard to believe but those 2 are brother an sister. You'll know when you’re ready. Sorry so long
  9. It’s like a part of you goes with them at least for me it was. You’ll be surprised sometimes how the next will have characteristics of the one you lost but with their own touch to it. prayers for comfort
  10. If this is same one , guy took the whole cab an installed behind bus hood. It set along route 220 at a garage for a year or so with the cab sitting on frame
  11. Isn’t a picture, but a poem I seen on fb that I thought was appropriate for this thread.
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