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  1. IH 986

    Yard ornament

    Drive by this off an several times the last year, first time I saw it I did a double take
  2. IH 986


    Walking in from morning milking an chores, Dad was going home an stopped an said somethings going on, news on radio said plane into wtc an all air traffic grounded. When an turned tv on an watched it unfold.
  3. IH 986


    I’m sorry to hear this. It’s amazing how deep they get embedded in our hearts an lives
  4. IH 986

    Super weeds

    Was at a spray meeting years ago an chemical rep asked the question “ what’s the best weed control practice? $20 to who ever answers correctly first”. Answer , moldboard plow. He paid up too
  5. It was, but it really worked nice. Guy down around Dewart bought from Dad after I started farming in 87. He bought from Jarrett in elimsport
  6. Every year in the fall from 10 years old till Dad bought a 706 gas with a mounted Oliver 74H picker on it when I was 15. I actually enjoyed the husking corn. Dad was always right there too husking ,remember once he found a mercury dime in the field we were husking.
  7. IH 986

    Nice 856

    He said he bought from deerefield ag. Guy traded it on a 2940. He’s had it 25 years I believe he said. He has 2 806’s that are sharp too
  8. IH 986

    Nice 856

    Fixed a tire on a nice original paint an clean 856.
  9. IH 986


    Yes an if you kill one an they find out you’re done, you an your company will be kicked off.
  10. I bought a LS 140 new in 2000, is turning 10,000 hrs. When I was still milking thing was used everyday for everything you could think of. Replaced a water pump an alternator at around 8,000 hrs. Keep it greased an grease wheel hubs like recommended. Don’t have a single complaint about it. Still running strong, use everyday just not as many hours with the dairy cows
  11. IH 986

    Why God?

    Thank you for sharing the poster
  12. IH 986

    I remember this...

    I don’t think people drove as much like idiots back then or the speed they do now. Everyone’s in a hurry to go nowhere today.
  13. IH 986

    Why God?

    Yes, I called the bank at the address to see if they took donations over the phone from my bank card an she said no, but to mail checks to their address , checks made out to mason sanders fund an to write in memo “ donation”
  14. IH 986


    My Mom an Dad’s house took a direct hit years ago. Mom just stepped on porch when it hit, lucky she didn’t have one foot on step an one on ground. It knocked her to her knees as it was. Hit chimney, found a piece of cement block 50 ft from house, drove the spikes out through the drywall an paneling , fried the furnace, fuse box, an followed the cable for the dish satellite down the side of house. Melting the siding an cable. Miracle the house didn’t go up in flames
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