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  1. I’m seeing some of these have front pto.......I’m not sure if the one I’m looking at has front pto.....this would be nice for a belly mower......anyone have front pto? Here is a pic of one I found online
  2. The 245 looks almost identical if not identical to 244....
  3. Ok thanks.....I have a couple old buyers guides....maybe I will check....thanks again
  4. Thank you....anyone know what number the loader for these tractors would have been ?
  5. It’s a gear.....can’t remember the hours....do you know what number loader it would take? How much did you pay for yours ?
  6. Yes....does it have a block heater..? I’d like a loader for it....looks like I’d have to search for the right one....
  7. just redid a 1650 cub cadet with a plow....and I have my 682 with tiller.....anybody wana buy and then I go get this 244....
  8. Thanks a bunch....yours looks very nice....what do you use it for.? I found a place, 2 places actually that have parts for them....they said the engine as very common in other equipment and they have parts....if someone has a hydro parts are unavailable for the hydro unit.
  9. Yes and its just cast and forged metal
  10. I just redid a 1650 cub cadet with a plow....and I have my 682 with tiller.....anybody wana buy and then I go get this 244....
  11. What attachments does he use
  12. I found a few FWA on you tube....yes a little 54 would be perfect.....this would be a fun toy.....like to find a loader also if I get it....
  13. I searched online....I can’t find another FWA
  14. Thank you...I’m going to look them up
  15. Yes....but doesn’t help with replacement parts
  16. I wonder if forward air flow would have been on the tractors if this had all happened?
  17. My Local CaseIH dealership said no parts from Case IH.....anyone know where Mitsubishi parts would come from? What outlet would I contact for parts or overhaul kits or transmission repairs.? Is Mitsubishi have any tractors or dealers anywhere?
  18. Yes some please post, and tell if they think 466 would go into a Magnum 7000, 8900 series.
  19. When I look on line I’ve yet to see another 4x4.... they all two wheel drive
  20. This one is gear trans....where did you find the serial numbers.....I can’t figure it out, I took pic of the plate here, I think the stamped ending numbers are 93777.....I’m not sure hard to read....is yours 4x4? Wondered if there is any way to know how many MFD were made ....
  21. I drove it , it was cool....not sure what I’d use it for....garden tiller, find a mower for it...
  22. Obviously, no compete clauses are very common in all sorts of businesses
  23. What a steel 430 Million for IH! .....why did Tenneco get out anyway.....wonder how much $ they made on the sale.....
  24. I’m looking at this 244, I’ve read up on them....but I can’t find how many 4x4 models were made. Is this rare? Also any where I can find serial number Info to find out what year it is? Does anyone know if parts are readily available?
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