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  1. Hi Easton, I looked up the case ih 584, reminds me of a case ih 1460 combine.  Was just an interesting tractor that one of my customers has. I did state in one of my responses that the steering wheel could have been replaced. 

  2. I think that IH probably never made that model in 1985. Rather just made a few extra in 1984, or put them together in 1985 as 1984 models. As Case took over in 1985.. this tractor has a case ih steering wheel center. While it could have been replaced, it also could be from the factory right before the change over to the 585. Interesting stuff ! 

  3. I found a 584 with serial number 10505. Does anyone know what last number made was.? Tractor data says they started 1984 at serial #9215.  Case IH 585 started with #15000...in 1985

  4. 1 minute ago, Gearclash said:

    Just some mud porch musings.  So the B and C series Cummins engines were the product of a joint venture between Case and Cummins.  I believe Cummins came into the deal without engines of that size.  Case did have at least one engine of that size, the 504.  It would be interesting to see how similar, if at all, the B and C series engines are to the 504.

    Yes some please post, and tell if they think 466 would go into a Magnum 7000, 8900 series.

  5. 1 hour ago, dale560 said:

    Even other businesses do. There was a local pizza place in town for years with a modern building and good location. He sold to Pizza Hut for a bunch of money. They had a 60 mile no compete clause. He moved to devils lake Nd and bought a pizza place. Pizza Hut sued him after a year. His nephew was telling us the other day it cost his uncle 500,000 in 1990 dollars. Devils lake is 58 or so miles away from rugby. There was around 59 miles between the 2 businesses. Pizza guy lost in court 60 miles was the key. 

    as far as IHC goes. There is tape of bud youle talking of 10 liter engine in a 7688 size tractor 300 hp engine. He said they used available 10 liter Cummins engine for testing.  It wouldn’t be a stretch for IHC developing new 466 engine series already by 1985. The new generation pump line nozzle 466/530 570 engine was available from Navistar in the early 90s. Navistar was a cash strapped company until the 4900, 8000 and 9000 series truck became popular around 1990. For them to have a durable new design engine built to those sizes. You would say they were at least in planning mockup stages at the end of Ihc tractor division.  Youle talks about 10 liter , 300 hp 2+2. 10 liter is 611 cubic inches and eventually Navistar produced a 9.0 300 hp so you can deduce they were using a readily available engine to test their new drive line until they could ramp up production of a engine they knew was in the works.

    when agco started selling tractors with ihc engines they were doing it with the big  4wd Detroit 60 and front wheel drives offering a Detroit option to set them apart from Cummins.the Detroit in the fwd 55s was a dt series ihc rebranded

    the engine adapter  casting on the tractor here is a old ihc style. The new style 466 e engines are almost the same on back but one or two bolt holes and crank center is a bit different. But an adapter for that engine would be as easy to make as one for a 8.3 c series engine.  That is what those tractors need in them a dt 466/530/570 sourced from an agco adapted to those frames and transmissions. That is what ihc would have used in the tractors by 1990

    Obviously, no compete clauses are very common in all sorts of businesses 

  6. Interesting thought about a non compete......I doubt it tho....but possible.....IH could have made it a true joint venture and kept some ownership and  kept their engines and maybe moved JI Case and Farmall  production to one factory and made both....but it was too late....mis management was beyond repair at that time.....if they would have been out of money before JI Case was in 1969 then Tenneco would have made Case the 2nd purchase and IH would have lived on in farm equipment.

  7. 6 minutes ago, Cliff Neubauer said:

    It wouldn't have made since for Case IH to use the DT-466 when they were sold off with Navistar and Case already had the joint venture with Cummins so the 8.3 was in house.  

    True they had the Cummins engine joint venture already, but Navistar would have made the engine for them, it would have been a great compliment to IH. Navistar made the 466 for the combines for a couple years, until maybe 1987-89....Navistar had the history from IH of reliable Diesel engines.....they were already selling them to ford.....that would have been amazing.....that should have been in the negotiations when the sale went through.....?

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