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  1. Just got this today.....
  2. Very interesting! Thanks Easton
  3. https://www.nytimes.com/1974/05/08/archives/vast-plantation-is-carved-out-of-north-carolina-wilderness.html
  4. https://gowildnc.com/NaturalH-Farming.aspx
  5. https://www.dieselworldmag.com/uncategorized/1978-ih-584-utility/
  6. My brother bought one for $10,000. I never drove one...it’s just for fun....add to collection.....
  7. Hi Easton, I looked up the case ih 584, reminds me of a case ih 1460 combine. Was just an interesting tractor that one of my customers has. I did state in one of my responses that the steering wheel could have been replaced.
  8. This is a Original international Harvester 584 with a case ih sterling wheel center.
  9. I think that IH probably never made that model in 1985. Rather just made a few extra in 1984, or put them together in 1985 as 1984 models. As Case took over in 1985.. this tractor has a case ih steering wheel center. While it could have been replaced, it also could be from the factory right before the change over to the 585. Interesting stuff !
  10. Well I’m not giving up....someone has an idea of it somewhere
  11. There are a couple Wheatland 806 for sale online now ....
  12. Does anyone know how to find out how many 806 MFWD were made.?
  13. I found a 584 with serial number 10505. Does anyone know what last number made was.? Tractor data says they started 1984 at serial #9215. Case IH 585 started with #15000...in 1985
  14. I’m not going to turbo it yet.....wana get the kinks out and decide what to do with it....I might just sell it....it’s fun to drive around and draws a lot of attention
  15. I have a Kohler twin 17 in 682....it still runs ....I’m just looking for options when it quits
  16. Hydraulic brakes....5speed , air ride
  17. Not much HP compared to now
  18. Just got myself a poor man CXT. It’s a S1600, 7.3, 5 speed.
  19. I also just bought this. 1988 S1600....7.3 ......5speed
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