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  1. Very interesting! Thanks Easton
  2. https://www.nytimes.com/1974/05/08/archives/vast-plantation-is-carved-out-of-north-carolina-wilderness.html
  3. https://gowildnc.com/NaturalH-Farming.aspx
  4. https://www.dieselworldmag.com/uncategorized/1978-ih-584-utility/
  5. My brother bought one for $10,000. I never drove one...it’s just for fun....add to collection.....
  6. Hi Easton, I looked up the case ih 584, reminds me of a case ih 1460 combine. Was just an interesting tractor that one of my customers has. I did state in one of my responses that the steering wheel could have been replaced.
  7. This is a Original international Harvester 584 with a case ih sterling wheel center.
  8. I think that IH probably never made that model in 1985. Rather just made a few extra in 1984, or put them together in 1985 as 1984 models. As Case took over in 1985.. this tractor has a case ih steering wheel center. While it could have been replaced, it also could be from the factory right before the change over to the 585. Interesting stuff !
  9. Well I’m not giving up....someone has an idea of it somewhere
  10. There are a couple Wheatland 806 for sale online now ....
  11. Does anyone know how to find out how many 806 MFWD were made.?
  12. I found a 584 with serial number 10505. Does anyone know what last number made was.? Tractor data says they started 1984 at serial #9215. Case IH 585 started with #15000...in 1985
  13. Yes and its just cast and forged metal
  14. I wonder if forward air flow would have been on the tractors if this had all happened?
  15. Yes some please post, and tell if they think 466 would go into a Magnum 7000, 8900 series.
  16. Obviously, no compete clauses are very common in all sorts of businesses
  17. What a steel 430 Million for IH! .....why did Tenneco get out anyway.....wonder how much $ they made on the sale.....
  18. Interesting thought about a non compete......I doubt it tho....but possible.....IH could have made it a true joint venture and kept some ownership and kept their engines and maybe moved JI Case and Farmall production to one factory and made both....but it was too late....mis management was beyond repair at that time.....if they would have been out of money before JI Case was in 1969 then Tenneco would have made Case the 2nd purchase and IH would have lived on in farm equipment.
  19. Yes, Ustain would have tried to put a Maxxforce in tractor lol.....
  20. True they had the Cummins engine joint venture already, but Navistar would have made the engine for them, it would have been a great compliment to IH. Navistar made the 466 for the combines for a couple years, until maybe 1987-89....Navistar had the history from IH of reliable Diesel engines.....they were already selling them to ford.....that would have been amazing.....that should have been in the negotiations when the sale went through.....?
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