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  1. Yes your right I believe in April of 1989 they went to Cummins......but a little known fact is that when the 1600 series came out the 40 & 60 had 466 engines....40 had no turbo 60 had DT466 and the 80 had DTI 466.....
  2. I think the same Senior Management decisions brought down IH a second time....(they have sold to VW as of May 2021). Dan Ustian started at IH in the 70’s and worked his way up to CEO of IH in 2004 (Navistar). When the federal emission tiers were taking place in 2008 & 2011 he told the engine engineers to design the engines to pass without DEF. They told him it couldn’t be done and he told them to make it work because truckers didn’t want to use DEF. the Maxxforce engines were a twin turbo design and are junk. The Ford contract was lost, they lost significant share of the truck market. They stopped making all DT engines in 2016. It was a top down approach, just the same as the old Mcormick management in the 50’s and beyond....read this https://www.forbes.com/sites/joannmuller/2012/08/02/death-by-hubris-the-catastrophic-decision-that-could-bankrupt-a-great-american-manufacturer/?sh=1c61b7036fbb
  3. I’ve also seen Ford, yes blue Ford branded choppers that were exacty the ih 781/881 or 780/880....I think I might have seen a MF the same also...
  4. I’m guessing Arts Way made the mixer mills for IH and labeled them IH. If plow line was sold off it was Case that sold it...
  5. I believe Fiat bought Ford-New Holland from Ford, and fazed out Ford name on tractors, then bought Case Corporation.
  6. Actually I figured it out....the 1640,1660& 1680 all had 466, until the Cummins..... https://www.hoober.com/Images/CurrentAds/AxialFlowTimeline.pdf
  7. 401 N Michigan


    Does anyone know for sure if the factory ever put a 466 in the 1660 combine.?
  8. Where in the world do you guys get Sterling in this ? Sterling is owned by Daimler Benz. Sterling never had anything to do with International. Navistar is the same company as International Harvester. They renamed the company after the sale of the ag division. If you bought shares in IH before the sale of AG division you still had shares after the merger and to this day. Just the name of the company changed. Recently (fall of 2020) Traton, which is owned by Volkswagen is buying Navistar International. So The company that was formed in 1902 will be done soon.
  9. Found this old shipping paper in some material I got at a garage sale. Looks like something shipped to Des Moines warehouse
  10. Just got this today.....
  11. Very interesting! Thanks Easton
  12. https://www.nytimes.com/1974/05/08/archives/vast-plantation-is-carved-out-of-north-carolina-wilderness.html
  13. https://gowildnc.com/NaturalH-Farming.aspx
  14. https://www.dieselworldmag.com/uncategorized/1978-ih-584-utility/
  15. My brother bought one for $10,000. I never drove one...it’s just for fun....add to collection.....
  16. Hi Easton, I looked up the case ih 584, reminds me of a case ih 1460 combine. Was just an interesting tractor that one of my customers has. I did state in one of my responses that the steering wheel could have been replaced.
  17. This is a Original international Harvester 584 with a case ih sterling wheel center.
  18. I think that IH probably never made that model in 1985. Rather just made a few extra in 1984, or put them together in 1985 as 1984 models. As Case took over in 1985.. this tractor has a case ih steering wheel center. While it could have been replaced, it also could be from the factory right before the change over to the 585. Interesting stuff !
  19. Well I’m not giving up....someone has an idea of it somewhere
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