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  1. On 4/1/2022 at 5:52 PM, 766 Man said:

    Yes, there was no way to recover the income lost by the strike during the deep recession of the early 1980's.  Companies like JD contracted out work to keep factories running.  I don't know exact production but if serial numbers are an indicator JD's production fell off steeply by the time the 50 series came out in 1983.  There really was no place to go for any extra production to go if made during those years.  As it was inventory backed up into the following model year in many dealerships.  An area IH dealer here took on a second location in early 1983 which was closed by Case IH in both locations in 1985 when Case IH was figuring out its dealer network.  The one bright spot for those immediately closed was a payout of 250,000 dollars per location which some used to reinvent themselves as Ford NH dealers.  Others wished that they were closed as their costs on inventory were on par with the selling price of the big multiple location Case IH dealer here.  Case IH was pretty much down to multi-location dealers by the early 1990's in this region.  

    About half of this is correct. Dealers did not get $250,000. It was like $10,000 and they bought back the stock. IH did not sell their dealers to Tenneco, IH gave Tenneco access to their dealers. Tenneco didn’t have to keep any of them,  but of course they did keep a lot of them.  Read this dealers law suit 




  2. On 4/1/2022 at 4:17 PM, acem said:

    I'm glad Tennaco bought cih. 

    Tennaco and the later owners have at least tried to maintain parts support and brand recognition. Think about the parts support for many other brands that have been 'merged'. 

    If fiat would have bought Navistar instead of Volkswagen it would have been better. Most of the old IH would be back under the same ownership!

    If nobody would have bought out the ag division of IH they would have gone bankrupt. At least Tennaco had deep pockets to make it through the 80s. 




    On 4/1/2022 at 9:40 PM, acem said:

    I understand because all my tractors are international, not caseih. But remember they stopped making international tractors in 85? That was 37 years ago.

    Go to a Chevy, Ford or Dodge dealer and ask for parts for your 85 model sedan. Let alone a 75 or 65 model sedan!


    Agree with most of this statement .

  3. 1BB7C831-AAFD-4146-B71F-1BE4C99D794B.thumb.jpeg.4fa16bea70412a70102b1efcfb058599.jpeg93737820-6A10-4C39-9BEC-D0303B2461F1.thumb.jpeg.3d2ce21cdbfbef0c5849da2e23fec71a.jpegI thought this was interesting. Behind an aggressive company is a strong logo. 
    Over the years I’ve read A Corporate Tragedy 3 times….been to the grounds of a closed down and mostly torn down Rock Island plant, toured East Moline when it was open. I’ve been to 401 N Michigan Ave numerous times when traveling to Chicago. As a child I dreamed up a plan where Navistar would buy back the tractors and make the 88 series in Chicago next to the trucks. 
    I hated it when this IH logo was discontinued for the “angled” ih in 1995. So much I wrote the company a letter..(it’s posted somewhere on here) But if IH had continued and still existed they would have updated the logo to something sexier and new. 
    Now I just prefer to live like it’s 1985, I buy old trucks and tractors and enjoy life. 

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