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  1. 13 hours ago, PhilSmith said:

    I’ve done that.  They state that they have nothing on record for my name or his, despite me still holding the certificate in hand.  Citibank is making it impossible to find  a way to cash this in. I’m at a dead end. 


    13 hours ago, PhilSmith said:

    I’ve done that.  They state that they have nothing on record for my name or his, despite me still holding the certificate in hand.  Citibank is making it impossible to find  a way to cash this in. I’m at a dead end. 

    So have you stopping the office of Edward Jones and other investor brokers? I say drive to an office because phone calls don’t get the respect as in person conversations. You can figure it out. Or unless he sold it already …. You will need paper work with the proper documentation that it was to be yours. Last step is see an attorney and pay them to investigate. 

  2. On 3/17/2023 at 4:26 PM, PhilSmith said:

    Hi R190-

    I also have a Navistar stock certificate still in hand here in 2023. It was my dad‘s, but is now mine and in my name but because they moved, he never received a letter in 2021 saying to send in the certificate for redemption. I was wondering if you could tell me what I should do or where I should send it to try to still redeem this certificate for the few shares that it states. I can’t get anywhere with the transfer agents. Thank you very much in advance for your help and response. -PS

    Call Navistar and ask for investor relations 

  3. On 12/10/2022 at 8:19 PM, Joe Beshears said:

    I owned and drove a 1975 international 4070 B from 1982 for 9 years. when I would go get parts for the truck at Frontier International in Tulsa, Ok. they would always tell me how rare that truck was and ask me how it was doing. They said there was only a few of them made. It had a sound of it’s own, a kind of a loud Jackie and I can still here it today. I was 20 years old at the time and pulled a dump trailer in the Oklahoma coal mines. It’s 40 years later and I’m still driving trucks, but I will never forget that rig.

    Your 4070 had DV800?

  4. 2 hours ago, Rainman said:

                               Plow Day.........Reedsburg,WI .. . ...2023

       April 22,2023....

       Rain Date....April 29,2023  

       Change in age of Tractors.....1975 Models or OLDER with FOUR Bottom Plow or smaller Plow.

       Garden Tractors Welcome

       Spectators, Welcome..... Will have People Hauler wagon

       Food by Lunch Box Express

       Facebook page....REEDSBURG Good Olde Boys Plow Day

    Thank you, I will go to this one !

  5. On 4/1/2022 at 5:52 PM, 766 Man said:

    Yes, there was no way to recover the income lost by the strike during the deep recession of the early 1980's.  Companies like JD contracted out work to keep factories running.  I don't know exact production but if serial numbers are an indicator JD's production fell off steeply by the time the 50 series came out in 1983.  There really was no place to go for any extra production to go if made during those years.  As it was inventory backed up into the following model year in many dealerships.  An area IH dealer here took on a second location in early 1983 which was closed by Case IH in both locations in 1985 when Case IH was figuring out its dealer network.  The one bright spot for those immediately closed was a payout of 250,000 dollars per location which some used to reinvent themselves as Ford NH dealers.  Others wished that they were closed as their costs on inventory were on par with the selling price of the big multiple location Case IH dealer here.  Case IH was pretty much down to multi-location dealers by the early 1990's in this region.  

    About half of this is correct. Dealers did not get $250,000. It was like $10,000 and they bought back the stock. IH did not sell their dealers to Tenneco, IH gave Tenneco access to their dealers. Tenneco didn’t have to keep any of them,  but of course they did keep a lot of them.  Read this dealers law suit 




  6. On 4/1/2022 at 4:17 PM, acem said:

    I'm glad Tennaco bought cih. 

    Tennaco and the later owners have at least tried to maintain parts support and brand recognition. Think about the parts support for many other brands that have been 'merged'. 

    If fiat would have bought Navistar instead of Volkswagen it would have been better. Most of the old IH would be back under the same ownership!

    If nobody would have bought out the ag division of IH they would have gone bankrupt. At least Tennaco had deep pockets to make it through the 80s. 




    On 4/1/2022 at 9:40 PM, acem said:

    I understand because all my tractors are international, not caseih. But remember they stopped making international tractors in 85? That was 37 years ago.

    Go to a Chevy, Ford or Dodge dealer and ask for parts for your 85 model sedan. Let alone a 75 or 65 model sedan!


    Agree with most of this statement .

  7. 1BB7C831-AAFD-4146-B71F-1BE4C99D794B.thumb.jpeg.4fa16bea70412a70102b1efcfb058599.jpeg93737820-6A10-4C39-9BEC-D0303B2461F1.thumb.jpeg.3d2ce21cdbfbef0c5849da2e23fec71a.jpegI thought this was interesting. Behind an aggressive company is a strong logo. 
    Over the years I’ve read A Corporate Tragedy 3 times….been to the grounds of a closed down and mostly torn down Rock Island plant, toured East Moline when it was open. I’ve been to 401 N Michigan Ave numerous times when traveling to Chicago. As a child I dreamed up a plan where Navistar would buy back the tractors and make the 88 series in Chicago next to the trucks. 
    I hated it when this IH logo was discontinued for the “angled” ih in 1995. So much I wrote the company a letter..(it’s posted somewhere on here) But if IH had continued and still existed they would have updated the logo to something sexier and new. 
    Now I just prefer to live like it’s 1985, I buy old trucks and tractors and enjoy life. 

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  8. 560 days...good one....this has really torn me up though......Dan Ustain started with IHC in the 70’s.....this old mindset of top down was still with the company.....how can this happen twice to the same company......I’ve given up on our heritage.....Cyrus SR and Cyrus JR would be so sad......one of our oldest truck manufactures gone....just like that....leaves only Paccar as US owned and John Deere on the AG side.....such a sad ending ......but how can this happen...????????????

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  9. On 7/14/2021 at 5:19 PM, DaveinSD said:

    As for the comment about management at Navistar should have learned from the mistakes of the late 70’s and early 80’s, the big issue was that most of the Harvester guys were long gone by the time the current problems developed. My dad retired in 2010 and was one of the last Harvester holdovers still in management. And again telling, dad was passed over for one last promotion and the position was given to a young guy who had showed little in the way of competence. The given reasoning was that the kid had a college degree and dad did not, however dad had been with Harvester for 41 years and started when he was 18. Just an example of how things were being run and how post 2000 there was a concerted effort to get the old Harvester guys who had the experience and the knowledge of what went wrong to retire. There were lots of mistakes made, but Navistar was in a great position up through the mid to late 2000’s, and the engine fiasco was what ultimately broke them. Dad blames that one on the CEO, as he insisted on continuing on an incorrect path when all the engine guys were saying the opposite. I will also add that as much of the stock got bought up by industrial investors, they were more interested in making a quick buck than investing in making a profitable company for another 100 years.

    Dan Ustian started with IH in the 70’s. He worked his way up to CEO and he is the one who told engineers to stay with EGR instead of going to SCR on the Maxforce    engines....this was an old IH guy who did it again...



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