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  1. I had a 8555 baler and it was great. My dad bought it new he installed the European luber on it before the first bale. I used it for years before going to chopping the hay. The only thing I can think of is to check the plunger bearings every once in awhile. My was a very reliable baler and the guy I sold it to still uses it. Good luck.
  2. Good luck on getting anything from Case. I have been trying for 3 years to get a new 12 row 22 inch planter from them with no luck they keep telling me they will offer one. The thing is they have all the componets to build what I want. The rep said to buy a 8 row 40 inch planter and order the extra units, but I still have to order different harness and extra vacuum tubes and hardware.
  3. I got it going thanks to you guys. I was stupid, I tried putting in the kilometer instead of the MPH tire size calibration number. Would like to say thankyou again for the help and thankful we have a wonderful resource here on Red Power.
  4. You guys did great !!! That got rid of the error code, the only issue is when I set the tire radius number the first digit will only go up to 3, 0 to 3 is all that scrolls through and I need to be in the 500 range as I have 18.4 x 38 tires. The MPH reads just not correct.
  5. I found out today that the adic has been changed by dealer not long ago. I used a jump wire like SDman said, got the HH Menu to appear got into next screen and scrolled through them, there were 4 they are HW, JA, Du, GA I stopped there I didn't know if HW should be used or not all help is appreciated Thanks
  6. okay I will take a look at it tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your guys input.
  7. I removed the dash covering and it looks like the ADIC has been replaced or is just extremely clean. This tractor has 16 x 16 transmission, I don't have a book yet so I don't understand the h procedures you are talking about.
  8. I did all 5 checks and everything checked okay. So I replaced sensor, same results. I am wondering about the software or what they mean by the correct level of software? Does the new controller come uploaded or will I still need dealer to upload it. Thankyou BartVD for your help
  9. I checked it with the sensor unplugged. Thankyou for your help. I will do the checks you mentioned and go from there
  10. I checked the green wire there is 12 V when the key is on. I also checked the ground wire it has a good ohm reading, I understand the yellow wire goes to pin 34 on the bottom plug on the ecm behind the seat and it has good continuity and not shorted to ground. But I don't know where to go from here.
  11. Just bought 2012 Maxxum 120 tractor, has a error code of 14091 coming up. I checked the ohm reading on the pins on the sensor that is by the right hand axle against a new one and It is checks the same. I don't know how to clear the code or if I have to dealer hook computer to it or what to do next. I ordered a new manual but is not here yet. Thanks
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