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  1. The switch part # for the ta is 121629c2 I'm sure it changes #. I only mounted 1 like you have, the rest I used a toggle switch on the dash some guys mounted them by the hitch levers. On my 2 tractors I mounted a dimmer switch on the floor and I really like that. That is the gear brake valve in your picture, the 15 series did not have diff lock the other models were an option and if they had them it would mount above the gear brake valve. 3788 tractors had bull gears so they could have diff lock, 15 series had planetary rear end with no provisions for diff lock. If you find a hydraul
  2. It sounds like it has both electric ta and gear brake. The switch of the firewall closest to the center of tractor should be the safety start switch the 1 to the outside is for the gear brake. They used 1 harness for both options, but you could install just one or both options. The solenoid for the gear brake is mounted on the right side of the speed transmission, the tractors with electric diff lock it was mounted below the diff lock valve and in front of the aux valves. Ole 815 is right the bottom of the speed transmission will have a hydraulic line going to it instead of linkage as his p
  3. If there is only 1 switch on the clutch pedal It is probably the safety switch for starting. There is no switch to shift the ta when the clutch is depressed. With the key on you should have power to 1 of the wires on the switch that the ta handle hits, when the switch is closed its energizes the solenoid for the ta. If no power at the switch there should be a fuse in the fuse panel for it, It should be a black (packard style with cover that you need to remove to get to fuse). I installed several of those kits in the 80's at dealership. There is no parts breakdown that I know of but should be
  4. I was using my 2012 Maxxum 120 when it sent a amber light and beep, when i looked at display the error code # was gone, I was going to the of the field when the stop light started blinking so i shut it down. I turned the key on and it was the def symbol on and red warning light flashing. I then started tractor and it ran fine, got it to the edge of field had good RPM. Went back later to bring it to the shop about a half mile and it was in the derated mode. I checked the def level in the tank its okay, pulled the def filter looked okay but installed new one. Pulled and cleaned both orfice scre
  5. You might try adjusting the timer knob under the right hand armrest. If it is set to maximum that is constant flow for a hydraulic motor.
  6. I have a MX270 that showed them codes a few years back, I ended up replacing the fuel line from the fuel tank to the inline filter. The hose clamps on that line need to be tighter then you would think, especially on the tank end. If the hose barb is long enough I would put 2 clamps on it. Since doing this it has not been a problem. I also check these clamps every year. Good luck
  7. I had a 8555 baler and it was great. My dad bought it new he installed the European luber on it before the first bale. I used it for years before going to chopping the hay. The only thing I can think of is to check the plunger bearings every once in awhile. My was a very reliable baler and the guy I sold it to still uses it. Good luck.
  8. Good luck on getting anything from Case. I have been trying for 3 years to get a new 12 row 22 inch planter from them with no luck they keep telling me they will offer one. The thing is they have all the componets to build what I want. The rep said to buy a 8 row 40 inch planter and order the extra units, but I still have to order different harness and extra vacuum tubes and hardware.
  9. I got it going thanks to you guys. I was stupid, I tried putting in the kilometer instead of the MPH tire size calibration number. Would like to say thankyou again for the help and thankful we have a wonderful resource here on Red Power.
  10. You guys did great !!! That got rid of the error code, the only issue is when I set the tire radius number the first digit will only go up to 3, 0 to 3 is all that scrolls through and I need to be in the 500 range as I have 18.4 x 38 tires. The MPH reads just not correct.
  11. I found out today that the adic has been changed by dealer not long ago. I used a jump wire like SDman said, got the HH Menu to appear got into next screen and scrolled through them, there were 4 they are HW, JA, Du, GA I stopped there I didn't know if HW should be used or not all help is appreciated Thanks
  12. okay I will take a look at it tomorrow. Thanks a lot for your guys input.
  13. I removed the dash covering and it looks like the ADIC has been replaced or is just extremely clean. This tractor has 16 x 16 transmission, I don't have a book yet so I don't understand the h procedures you are talking about.
  14. I did all 5 checks and everything checked okay. So I replaced sensor, same results. I am wondering about the software or what they mean by the correct level of software? Does the new controller come uploaded or will I still need dealer to upload it. Thankyou BartVD for your help
  15. I checked it with the sensor unplugged. Thankyou for your help. I will do the checks you mentioned and go from there
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