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  1. meridian equipment in washington state here have a lot of parts but worked at a quarry long ago rebuilt track and an ln25 can do wonders with .045 i am not a machinist but anything can be welded and machined down.
  2. At times if i was married she would say stop having crap follow you home. I get enough guff from my cat when the water dish and food bowl is empty.
  3. Had a leak above one of the filters so i pulled it and found this and pulled and drained the other filter... i am pretty sure of the issue just posting every 6 months change filters new hydraulic fluid especially if buying a piece of equipment even put an inline wicks filter or one with see thru bowl with a bottom drip. Live and learn. Getting older to repair stuff becomes expensive almost cheaper to buy another machine?
  4. I bought this dozer may 2018 for 22k. With 1000 cash and a handshake told him 4 weeks i will have a loan. He had 12 other men wanting it he said. Around here hard to find equipment. The man who owned this machine never used it sat at his shop. The man before him used it to log his land was an older man who took good care of it. Well ran it for a while and got off the thing looking at it steam. Dial read over half then climbed to check. Turned it off removed the covers and got it to where can work on it. The belt was not turning the water pump i am sure it is the pump shut it off and by hand the pulley would not move. Broken tractor i seen has them for 85. My question is do i have to remove the radiator and everything else to remove the pump? It came with a Finney manual but says nothing about pumps. I did rebuild my jd 410 backhoe 3 yrs ago and have rebuilt pumps ect just asking before i did into this. I did join this forum last may looking to see about buying it but lost the http to the group. Most of these i have seen online do not have a winch i like this one its 30k. Plus never have i had so many want to borrow it. One man offered me 500 a week when its 1500 a week at a rental i laugh. I have seen people misuse equipment in the past. Seen on jobs motors/hydraulic pumps blow even with a do not operate tag on the machine. Life lessons. I do know if i remove the radiator i will have it sent in locally to a shop to get it cleaned. Learned this at a quarry working from an old mechanic a few times get down on younger mechanics when they worked on the front end loaders. Down time you send stuff in to have it cleaned.
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