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  1. Ahh, good point about the stop leak tearing things up. We had thought about trying it just to see if we could get by this season with it. We might try to find a good inexpensive DT466 and throw that in there. It would at least be useful for pulling our 700 bushel wagons around or the 25ft FC.
  2. Wonder what it would cost just to get the engine back to MI, let alone the whole tractor.
  3. How many hours? The one I've been looking at has around 5600.
  4. The only reason I could see fixing the V8 would be if we were going to clean it up and make a show tractor. Aside from that, its super loud in the cab, the AC has never worked so its a sweat box and the hydraulic pump is just about shot. I'm guessing it would take $20k to get her back in the field and its still a 40yr old tractor that has maybe $14k resale value. Been looking at JD 8960's and CIH 9250's but even at 30yrs old they are pushing $50k.
  5. There such a thing as a "good" DV800? 😏 Is your's a low hour original or a rebuilt?
  6. It's possible it ran part of last spring with water in the oil. I wasn't running it but dad said now that he thinks about it, the oil wasn't as black as usual. We have a lead on sleeves and bearings but like some of you have mentioned, who knows what else is wore out. I've thought that it sounded like it had a bit of a tick for the past 5yrs. Speaking of cooling, the radiator was replaced 3yrs ago as well. We have a 2nd 4586 just like the one pictured above but also has a leaking DV800. We would have enough driveline parts to keep her going for a while yet I suppose. We are
  7. We've got a fairly clean 4586 with the DV800 that we've been running the past 20yrs. Last week when changing the oil, about 2qts of antifreeze came out of the pan. I don't think its worth throwing anymore money into it but dad seems determined to fix it since last year it received a new clutch and bull gear in the rear final drive. Anyone know how many hours these engines can go before they should be completely gone through? I think it currently has around 5000 hours and for the past 2000 hours it has never been run above 1900 RPM. Any advice from someone familiar with these engines w
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