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  1. I would like to thank the people who responded to my inquiry I have learned a lot and I know now that I can fix my problem. and to Grumpy Gaby I'm one of the half dozen or so Suckows in Walla Walla the oldest my brother at 77 and the youngest my grandson at 10 thanks for the acknowledgment.
  2. I have a IH 460 utility that has the tel-a-depth hitch. the control valve is very sensitive.I would like to replace the control valve with one that has up and down and possible one with a float position. that way I could remove all the linkage related to the tel-a- depth. can anyone tell me if such a valve was ever offered by IH? It looks like the valve for the remote hydraulic on the left side of the tractor could be used? it mounts the same and has the same outlet on the bottom as the tel-a-depth valve. it also has the S and D position switch on it
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