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  1. Anybody know the approximate breakdown as far as production numbers go? I'm under the impression that CIH made a lot more MFWDs than 2WDs but I don't have anything but a gut feel that tells me that. I've looked around a little on the typical websites, but haven't really found much.
  2. And I'm the last guy to be judging (and in re-reading my post, it totally comes across like I was) either. I think the thing that made it stick in my mind was because the other one was in my line of sight when I was looking at it and the difference was pretty massive. I do agree that the paint job was a nice one!
  3. Supposedly they're building a track up in the northwest corner of the fairgrounds.
  4. I was there yesterday watching the auctioneers competition, and went and looked at the tractors too. I was particularly impressed with the 650 LP (I'd never seen one of those before), and that Oliver 1850 because they painted it the lighter shade of green (Meadow Green, I think?) as opposed to the darker one. What'd you think of that Allis C? Was it just my eyes, or was the color a shade or two off?
  5. Oh Lord, it would be HORRIBLE!!! 🥴
  6. I'm saw that there's a 706 Wheatland LP on that sale - apparently one of 3 known to exist. Kind of interested in seeing what that one goes for! (Being that the 706 wasn't the world's most collectible tractor, I'm really wondering what the market will do with it. Just because it's rare doesn't mean it's collectible?) http://bit.ly/0815Wheatland706RP
  7. Ooooof! Moving snow in the winter in SD with a 560??? That's like cruel and unusual punishment!
  8. Matt, you wouldn't believe some of the stuff that I see at the auctions on our website...😬
  9. I don't know that I've ever met a farmer who really ENJOYED farming with a 68-series tractor!😁
  10. Good deal. Thanks y'all. I appreciate the insight!
  11. Uh...yeah. That's probably a given. I was speaking more from a theoretical perspective.
  12. So there's an auction happening as we speak for an 806 with what I believe to be an M&W turbo kit on it (or one like it), and it got me wondering something. How does the addition of an aftermarket turbo kit or some other power/performance mod typically effect the sale value? In the automotive world, the value of the work done and the value of the parts typically doesn't add to the cost of the sale; the guy selling it can try, but in the end, he almost never gets his money back out of it (in fact, in a lot of cases he'll have to take a lower price than what an otherwise stock model would sell for - think aftermarket turbo kit on a Camaro vs a stock Camaro). Same deal in the farm equipment world, or does a turbo kit like that add value?
  13. That would definitely explain it! (I'm still a relative nOOb, so I really appreciate the history lesson on stuff like this!)
  14. I wondered if that might've been the case. I know there were quite a few road commission tractors back in the day.
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