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  1. I've been trying to get him to come out for it! (He was supposed to come out with Jon last year, but something came up at the last minute.)
  2. Tim, you just let me know when you want that to happen and I've got a guest bedroom for you in West Des Moines. If I can suggest a show...The North Iowa Nationals and/or anything that RJ & Brandon host at the track in Farley. Also, a note on my Screamin' Demon II die cast; not a Gottman. Justin Stuckenschneider built that one for me.
  3. Right click on the mouse and it'll let you save them. If you're on your phone, press and hold the photo you want to save and it should give you the option. Happy aggravating! 🙂
  4. Thanks man! Glad I could get something started! I've still got a few more up my sleeve - some better than others. 🙂
  5. I'm still on a quest to see the original Screamin' Demon (it's still pulling down in Tennessee as a Light Limited Super). I've got it on fairly good authority that Screamin' Demon II is now in northern MO/southern IA, and the new owners are working towards getting it ready to pull with the Outlaws either this summer or next. Mark my words, I will not miss an opportunity to get shots of that tractor on the track. That's one tractor that's still on my photo bucket list (and there aren't many that are still on that list). That one's special to me.
  6. Here's a few more I've put together over the past coupla years. Enjoy. (Yes, I know I brought this thread back from the dead...) 😂
  7. To commemorate the day that Amazon Web Services took a giant dump and rendered tractorzoom.com pretty much useless until it's back, here's a few I made. 😏 (BTW, I was also the guy who made the one that kicked off this thread with the 1066.)
  8. My collection pales in comparison to some of yours, but I’m still in love with this one. It, along with the River Rat and the Tinker Toy, was the tractor that made me fall in love with pulling. Wish I’d have been able to meet Jerry. Watched him make passes growing up, but never shook his hand. Never shot the tractor either, but I can rectify that (hopefully next year).
  9. I’ll check and see if I’ve got it, in the event that you haven’t found one yet.
  10. I believe you’re right. Jon Silsby is a good man, and I’m thankful to call him a friend!
  11. It was a terrific show this year! Here's a little bit of what I saw...
  12. According to the inflation calculator, it's only about 4% year over year. (I know what you mean, though; everything seems a lot higher.) https://smartasset.com/investing/inflation-calculator#2FnqGkpZfn
  13. Strong money today! (And if you're the seller, congratulations on the retirement!) All three of them brought impressive money, but as far as I'm aware, that 5488 shattered a sale price record by close to $15K!
  14. Same here at the Tractor Zoom office. Every Monday without fail.
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