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  1. Hi Dusty, the I&T manuals are okay but I found the manuals from Jensales (https://www.jensales.com) to be more detailed. I purchased the parts manual (great schematics) first along with the repair manuals and reference them quite often for my 2656.
  2. Quick update - thanks to the input from you all, I was able to source a parts and service catalog for the loader and I just finished rebuilding the lift cylinder myself, saving about $300 over taking to a dealer to have them rebuild. Thank you all for the great info!
  3. After looking at the loader today, I’ve confirmed that it most closely matches the 3000 model so I’ll go with that. Thank you all for your feedback and insight - it was definitely very helpful! Thankfully parts and service manuals are available for this model loader so I’ll be able to source the correct replacement parts. Does anyone know of an adapter similar to this one for the IH3000 model? https://www.farmequipment24-7.com/IH_Q_A_Adapter_p/adapter_ih2000.htm
  4. That helps clarify- it doesn’t appear that I have the 2001 model based on the bucket pivot mount location shown above so I’m leaning towards the 3000 rather than the 2000. I’ll post more pictures tomorrow to hopefully help to make the distinction more apparent.
  5. From what I can see, the bucket pivot is angled more on the 3000 vs the 2000 - am I seeing that right? I’ll take a better picture of this part tomorrow and post it.
  6. Thank you for the info! I’ll order it up today. Just curious, how does one tell the difference between a 2000 and 2100 (or other IH model) loader? Does anyone happen to have a link to any reading showing model comparison pictures? If no, not a big deal - just curious to learn all I can. I appreciate the feedback!
  7. Hello all! I recently acquired a project tractor and I need help to identify the loader that’s attached to it as I need to rebuild one of the lift cylinders and need to order the correct rebuild kit. My guess is an IH2000 but I defer to the wisdom of the members here. Thanks in advance to anyone that can help! Please let me know if additional pictures of different angles would be helpful.
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