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  1. I use the end of a semi truck cross chain, or branch, or pocket knife. Come to think of it, maybe I should not be critical of his shirt color. Maybe the apparatus he is discussing, shall fail, and then his shirt is similar in color to #2 diesel.
  2. First off, I do not need a guy in a pink shirt, telling me what I do not need to know. I know how to top a tank. Secondly, I do not like a guy that does not tuck in a nice shirt.?? This is not on you Sandhiller, it is on the moron that made the video.
  3. S.O.S. I love some S.O.S. I am a simple man.
  4. The foot bone is connected to the eye bone!
  5. You are welcome in my shop. No short pants allowed. And bring your own beer goggles. Helmets are optional.
  6. This is the only time I wear short pants.
  7. Just curious, you don't see that around here even if it's a 100. Different regions I guess.
  8. Less of a line, more of a circle of work.
  9. Nice tractor. Why you guys wear shortpants?
  10. That is what my wife calls me in the helmet and goggles. And if she scratches my belly, I piss myself and then take a nap.
  11. Wait a minute, I thought I was the yellow lab and Pabst guy.
  12. The order is, slow, slower, slowest.
  13. I tend to do a little cribbing when my dentures are in.
  14. We are healed, but we are doing one dose a week as a prophilaxis.
  15. Wife did it. I did not know what we were doing. Now that I know, I am on board. Trophy saddles are a big deal for the winner. Glad we can help.
  16. Yes, story behind that name. I will tell the story someday.
  17. My understanding is, the winner gets to design their saddle. It is just paid for. The gal that won this class, designed this saddle with the maker. It is one of a kind, not pre-made.
  18. Thank you all for being good and decent people. Merry Christmas.
  19. Wife told me earlier in the year we were going to sponsor a saddle for a regional barrel racing association. I said okay. I thought it was just a contribution. Nope, you pay for the saddle. The gal that won it got it made, semi-custom from Corriante. Made me smile. Our ranch name is on the lower fender. Maybe my granddaughter will win one.
  20. cobfly

    Yin and Yang

    It was kinda funny, you remember how our parents used to say, " Clean up your plate, there are starving kids in China that would love to have that." Well, Tietsie, my granddaughter who is ten, hit the chips and beandip pretty hard. The food came out and she only ate some of hers. I said, " Eat your food, there are starving kids in L.A. that would love to go to a restaurant." Her look was priceless. (Yang)
  21. Figured it out. I had been inadvertently feeding Yin, delving too deeply and constantly into election bs, covid info and general state of America. All dark crap. So I backed off and fed Yang. Took grandkids shopping twice for Christmas for their parents, with sit-down meals at a restaurant, singing in the car, wrapping presents and getting to see the world through their eyes. Yang is strong again. All is well.
  22. I am okay. Should have not posted. Had to kick myself in the nuts a few times.
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