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  1. Crap, I liked it better when I did not suck. Do they make Tootsie Pops in Pabst flavor? Then I am your man. I have a hard time turning down a challenge.
  2. Ever since I was a kid I could not make it through a hard candy without biting it. Now that I have dentures, when I put them in the barn for the night and get a hankering for a hard candy, I suck till it is gone. Took me 64 years to suck. That is not too bad.
  3. I would agree with silage, but not with snow. With snow you need to accommodate down pressure, hence the rears.
  4. Rears, that way you can backdrag, or down pressure front doze, or crab out. Mine are semi truck chains sized to fit. I have dealt with 5 ft drifts. I usually pull into the shop, jack the rear and put them on. They stay on till spring.
  5. Oh yeah, the rock behind us is called Haystack. Kinda fitting for a couple $hitboots that were mostly horseback.
  6. I could write a book on the things we did. Just do not feel like typing that much. My kids joked, if their mother died, J.R. was gonna be their new stepmom. I love that man. Even when he is not here, he is here. And did you notice, even though we were on the coast, no short pants for us.
  7. Me and my best friend on the Oregon coast some years back. He is the short one. Dead and gone, about 5 years back. That is who came to see me, Sandhiller.
  8. No, my dad was from Jackson. I am aware of Fly, Tn. On the Natches trace I believe.
  9. That saw is almost as pretty as my wife, and probably cheaper, but can it keep you warm on a cold winter night?☺️
  10. The bad thing is, the shot will not kill this plague like what happened with measles or the polio. It is only going to mitigate symptoms, similar to the flu shot. All the money and hype and the virus will not disappear because of the shot. This info is slowly starting to come to light. The big deal is staying out of the hospital. How you do that is your business. I for one am going to lean on the ivermectin.
  11. I like winter. I get nervous when we don't get at least a couple feet on the ground before spring, preferably 3 or 4.
  12. And here we are. Funny how little things can become something.
  13. All the better to make under cuts with.
  14. I like nicknames. I call them earthen names. Kinda like how the indigenous ones could have many names in life, bestowed upon them by their peers. Oh yeah, if you are a mexican type feller, my name is Elote.
  15. No, but I have a lip full of Copenhagen and the froth of a Pabst on my mustache. Pretty close.
  16. Last name is Fly, comes out of Tennessee. I could take you into many bars in bodunk Idaho, and it would be "Hey Cob, or Hey Cob Fly" want a Pabst? My brothers nickname is Buzz, my granddaughter's real name is Tietsie. Tietsie's dad, my son, is named Nat. Shellie would not let me spell it with a G. I thought it would be hilarious, Gnathaniel. She did not.
  17. Please, it is Cob with my friends.
  18. I will speak to the Great Spirit on your behalf. Hang in there.
  19. 56 years ago I got the name of Cob. It was silly kids stuff. My name is Corey. Many people do not know my given name, except when I am in trouble with the wife, or legal matters. In the second grade, my peers started to dance around me on the playground, chanting "Corey, Corey corny cob. Corey, Corey corny cob" the name stuck. Rode it for many years, just thinking it was just a silly, inadvertant thing. About 10 years ago, we rode our Harleys to a benefit for christmas toys for kids. My wife bought me one of those doorag things. It said crazy old ba$tard. I put it on, and then it dawned on me, when I looked in the mirror, Cob was an acronym, bestowed on me by my peers that could see into the future. The circle has completed itself.
  20. My mind is like a steel trap, except when it is not.
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