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  1. Kisch bull would make them all seem dead. Foundation ABBA.
  2. In my three month quest for info on ivermectin for covid, I landed on a website called,https://www.thailandmedical.news/articles/news. They do some bashing on Trump and western medicine, but also share scientific info from around the world that you won't see anywhere else. Worth a look.
  3. I am not scared of dying, however, I am concerned about living miserabley.
  4. Don't forget the ivermectin just in case! Box of beer, some wormer, good to go! Merry Christmas!
  5. That is a fine lookin' outfit. Merry Christmas.
  6. I will lead the charge!
  7. That is what big pharma and the wealthy that back them are scared of. Therapeutics that work, are cheap and plentiful and well tested = no trillions for them.
  8. I always thought the water on the Weiser river tasted funny.
  9. Not when you drink the minies, like on the seat of my sled.☺️
  10. In a pinch, you can take a break and go have fun.
  11. I made it through the 70's, and only got the clap once. Oughtta be able to get through this. Penicillin then, ivermectin now. Wahoo!
  12. Some Bob Blackwood's and a snaffle bit, you can cover some ground!
  13. Germans are a tough bunch when it comes to beer!
  14. These are the best ones. Don't drink any of your beers.
  15. I think the closest he will get for wings will be a pegacis.
  16. I like barley and hops in my beer. No roots for me.
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