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  1. A good sense of humor helps.
  2. It is a wonder we ended up with a good gal.
  3. Do you know what foreplay to a cowboy is? "Get in the truck!"
  4. Not if you know them before hand.
  5. I tend to not drive when the fat girls look skinny and the skinny ones look fat.
  6. Buy it while you can. I weigh 150 and take a 250 dose once a week. That gives me about 16 mgs.
  7. What is that old saying about apples and doctors? Now I remember, " A hit of apple wormer a week, keeps a man on his feet!"
  8. Take a look at the great blizzard 48/49. Was actually Feb 49. Brought the intermountain west to the mid west to it's knees.
  9. Yep, no flywheel pull unless you are sure that is needed. Just make sure of the correct reg. Different between electric and pull start. Wide year spreads on the reg, fairly cheap too. Alot cheaper than a cdi.
  10. Get a regulator. If you buy a puller get a good one. Only hold the fly wheel when you pull, not the clutch, no rope down sparkplug hole. You can knock the crank out of phase. Easier on a bench.
  11. I learned how to behave by a Vietnam vet, and a couple old cowboys that put me in my place, when I was a young know it all. I am a better man for it. I share my experiences with my kids and grandkids. They are okay from what I learned, sharing it with them in a similar manner.
  12. Mine. Built a dozen years ago. Could not afford it now. Right 2 bays are heated, 36x40, 14 ft walls. Left 2 bays storage, 26x36. 150,000 btu reznor, instant heat. Best thing I did was a crapper, beer fridge, microwave, air compressor room. Good view out front when I need a break.
  13. They should have to watch Lonesome Dove over and over and over until they behave.
  14. I shall buy a Kel-Tec, pmr 30 nib from a friend soon. Won't be registered to me.
  15. Look at the lc9 striker, in between pistol, smallish, but not little. I pack a sr9c.
  16. I like my 96-22. Kinda wish I would have bought a magnum.
  17. Recoil is fine, little stiff to rack.
  18. That is what my wife packs in the winter, lcp in butt pack in summer.
  19. cobfly

    Marvin Russell

    Sometimes it's heaven, sometimes it's ****, sometimes I don't even know. I guess kick the turds out of the trail and keep trudging. Happier new year!
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