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  1. Broom crew works at night, all night, probably less traffic. I have seen them work during the day, probably 2 crews and a tight schedule. They are out painting the lines today.
  2. I came home from a rodeo about 11pm and two of these were in my driveway doing some light maintenance. They are doing a chip seal on the highway, they are the broom tractors before the seal. Only took pics of one. Company has used them like this for over 30 years. Will not go to anything else, as these have paid for themselves a thousand times over, and can still be fixed. 3-1 reduction on the 540 PTO for the broom pump, remote tank and coolers.
  3. Good to see a country with a sense of humor, instead of a bunch of thin skinned liberals that will sue for trauma.
  4. View NW from my shop.
  5. Happy 4th everyone, grandkids in the wood fired hot tub
  6. I am guilty of not wearing the proper attire when it's hot or short distance, it's a crap shoot. Hope you mend okay
  7. Had a friend with the opposite problem, came to a stop on his Harley, kicked it down, did not go over center, put the bike on it's side, but being the manly smartass he was, said, " I refuse to use anything called a Jiffy stand", so we went into the bar, had a beer and dealt with it later.
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