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  1. Hard to take pictures when one arm is armpit deep and the other is caressing a Pabst. At least I did not get kicked.
  2. We got some of those blowup things in the yard. Lights burn out. Wife does not like that. So whilst I was fixing them, I thought those damn Chinese that built these must have been watching preg checks on you tube, because I was armpit deep, manuvering through channels to feel the object of my desire. ********!
  3. News alert! My daughter showed me a news feed that the USDA is getting involved to quash first the sales of ivermectin on line, and then work on retailers.
  4. That is what I tell her. But she's no dummy. She says, " You are the only one in five miles that drinks that crap."
  5. Easy done. They don't call me Cob for nothin'.
  6. Yes, that is what we are doing. Enough for the horses next year, a couple for us.
  7. The empties are not worth much, but my burn barrels don't fill up as fast. Plus, a few times a year I take them to a bar and they give them to an old guy on SS and he turns them into loads.
  8. I always have liked the dope they say don't consume alcohol with. They don't say that on the horse box, just the human box. A little wormer, chase with apple booze, good to go. I'm like a wild pony later on. At least that is what I think. She does not. Neighhhhh!
  9. I have to go to a class each year for 3 credits for 2 years for a renewal. Otherwise retest. That is Idaho however. I got a letter they will go to zoom for now. I will not. I will buy all the goodies before I expire next July and then hopefully retest in person. 2 year license in Idaho.
  10. I would just look in the back for empty Pabst cans.
  11. I'm aware. But trying to get a doc to prescribe it for Wuhan is nil. When you feel like you are on your death bed, who cares. Not me. Your mileage may vary.
  12. Perhaps, but she was hammered for seven days and getting worse. That is when you start to worry. My understanding is if you resolve it in a few days like the flu, you will be okay. If it persists, that is when it can progress to pneumonia, around 10-12 days. And she is a tough woman.
  13. Pretty easy to paste worm a horse with a halter, not so much with cattle. There is a pour on for bovines also. Plus you could be working hundreds at a time.
  14. Here ya go. Wife is good to go after 48 hrs. From laying on the floor and barely able to turn a doorknob, to cleaning, cooking and decorating. And she's jovial. She honestly thought she would end up in the hospital. Complete turn around. I have been hearing of stores pulling it off shelves, for who knows why. I have a good idea. Get yours while you can.
  15. I'll get a pic tomorrow. It is Farnam Ivermectin paste, 1.87% for horses. Any brand will do. Dosage on the plunger is correct for humans, just hard to do small doses. I would squirt out 300 lbs worth and split it. Wife is doing way better. 2 days ago she was in severe pain, on the floor or in a chair, today doing laundry and cooking. All for a few bucks.
  16. A little open right now where I live. Do no like it one bit. The American west was built on snowpack.
  17. No money in it. And they won't support anything that has not had clinical trials to support the claim. All the money is going for a vaccine. Big pharma will get rich off a vaccine. Ivermectin or other therapeutics will make people less apt to get the vaccine and ivermectin is common and cheap, like aspirin, no money in it.
  18. Yes, make sure it is ivermectin only. Symptoms change 12 hrs later after a dose, for the way better. From what I read, it is more effective earlier rather than later, but helps in all stages. Damn impressive. Wife wishes she would have done it sooner.
  19. Wife is doing a lot better, wormed her again today. 35 five year old kid is on the come back trail, I'll be danged, the ivermectin works to mitigate the plague.
  20. That was the crappiest bread ever made, but the bags were top notch.
  21. Thanks for the concern. We are alright. Pray for those in the hospital. We are home. Business as usual, feeding and such.
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