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  1. Old cowboys don't cry, except when they are alone. Sorry.
  2. Cob out. That just means I am not going to talk for awhile. Merry Christmas.
  3. There is a darkness in my heart I am trying to shed. Everything thing else in my life is fine. I don't get it.
  4. Has nothing to do with this site.
  5. No offense, might leave.
  6. They don't sell blended diesel where I live unless you have a bulk distributor that will carry #1 and #2 on the same truck. Everything is winterized down to -17f at the pump according to the distributor. Bulk #2 is winterize yourself.
  7. He said it was a round bales speer for a skid steer mount. It used to bolt onto a plate and the stabilizers were welded on. He went to 3x3's so he pulled the spear and modified his mount for the big squares.
  8. Ruger SR9c is my constant carry, single 6 in 22 mag when I head to the hills. Made a lot of meat with the single 6.
  9. It's a loader attachment. The point is, it is heavier duty than my lift capabilities. Angle sits on the bucket edge. It's only for when I do not want to fire up the 5288. Probably 20 bales a year. Beats what it was.
  10. My little skid steer is only good for 1500#. This should cover it. Reverse wheelie before the break.
  11. Friend gave me this. Beats those round Spears. Had to modify. This won't break. Dealing with some big rounds. Sometimes want to use the skid steer. I am no Finney, but I am a Cobby.
  12. That's why I shoot a Rugerbator.
  13. Because they are morons that are completely removed, from where food and products come from. They get takeout with a call, a ride with a call, or let's go to a bistro. They would not know how to grow a garden, butcher a hog or beef or wild game. We might be broke, but we will live. They won't be broke, but they won't have anything to buy! Morons is what they are. Be careful what you wish for morons. I will be just fine peeling my own spud and eating that venison backstrap.
  14. Well, according to the old saying, " I will die trying!"
  15. I won't starve. Might have to start home brewing, but I won't starve.
  16. Back in the 70's, me and a friend drove up to a fire lookout in central Idaho. No Business lookout it was called. There was this hippy and his girlfriend hired out there. We offered them a beer and they offered weed. We hung out a while and when we were leaving the hippy says, " On your way off the mountain, look for red and white mushrooms, they will get you high. But don't pick the white and red ones, they will kill you!"
  17. You know why Justin Bieber does not shop at Cabela's? Because he likes Dicks!
  18. I do not believe the next war in our country will be all that civil!
  19. True, I was trying to relay the fact, that a ranch that big, you probably won't be getting your hands dirty very often. To many things to chase.
  20. You own a ranch that big, you are not a rancher anymore, you are a businessman.
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