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  1. I was on a board for several years. I've heard many complaints about this or that. I stood up in one of our monthly meetings and said " if you want to complain, then put it in writing. You don't have to sigh it if you don't want to. This will be brought to the next officers meeting for discussion and appropriate action as needed. You can leave in these locations. ". We never received anything in writing and the complaining did stop for awhile. But it did start again when new officers were elected
  2. I have the Rockwell corded one. I got it to cut off door jam and trim when I installed new flooring in my kitchen. Worked great. Have used it elsewhere with good results. Blades can be pricy, just watch for them on sale
  3. Why are you thinking of repowering? Is it because the original engine is beyond repair? Or just cost of rebuild? I repowered mine because of cost to rebuild is 20 times what I'll have in doing the repower. It sure can be a lot of extra work making engine mounts, pedal assemblies and drive line modifications.
  4. Sometimes ya just need a great ball game to relax to get your second wind
  5. I enjoy cooking also. My wife will tell you that I'm a better cook than she is. I cook like my grandma use to and definitely cook to taste. I use recipes as a guide and make changes to suit my tastes.
  6. I had my roof reshingled this year after 22 years. My wife and I looked at metal but due to insurance was going to go up, we chose shingles. The metal was going to cost more up front as well as in the future
  7. I had a gas 2004 Chevy 1/2 ton. It got 5-7 pulling a 7k camper at 60 mph. I purchased a 2007 2500hd with a duromax to pull the same camper. It gets 10-12 on the same trip. It definitely pulls a lot better over the gas. They both got about the same on the highway when not pulling. The wife and I went from home in Indiana to Colorado and back to pick up the engine for my fire truck. The trip was about 2200 miles over 4 days and saw a high of 20 mpg and a low of 18.8 loaded with the engine. I like my truck especially for pulling. It gets about the same mpg as my 04 did on average. Sucks every time have to change the oil and filters
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