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  1. If it’s mechanical, it isn’t if, but when will it break
  2. My 1st was a glider. Took all winter to build. Use to launch with dads truck and fly for about an hour at a time. It caught a huge down draft on approach to land a was totaled. Then into gas planes and pattern flying. I could burn a gallon of fuel a night practicing. Lost control because of another down draft. Gave up flying and went to scale hydroplane boats. I had more money in props than the the cost of the complete boat and radio. Finally sold it after 2 years because people wouldn’t race with me anymore. Most of the time, I only ran 3/4 throttle and would win if the engine would stay together. Had a car that looked just like the local cop car with working red lights and siren. Use to run it on the road when we would go crushing on the weekend. Even had a couple of cars pull over when they heard the siren. Haven’t had anything else since, but have thought about it
  3. My dad bought a used wood miser 18” unit. It’s 230vac 5 hp 4 knife with a 110vac variable speed feed motor. It’s one of the best units I’ve seen. Lots of options for production work - moldings. Just wish it was at my house instead of 2.5 hours away.
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