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  1. Dale, I’m going to disagree with you. There are reasons why the governor is on this engine. I may not like it, but I will get it fixed and working properly. I’m not going to disconnect it. All I’m after is information on how this is supposed to work so I can fix it properly. There’s something wrong with the system and I think it is in the part that’s under the distributor. Mike
  2. My dad was a master mechanic. He knew how to read plugs and make adjustments if needed. As hardtail said, manufacturers use certain brands plugs. Dad and now me will put oem plugs in. We had to replace bad plugs before. Dad always said that the engineers knew more about it than he did when it comes to designing. He just knew how to fix them
  3. As far as who wins a bid to supply parts to a manufacturer, isn’t always price based is correct. They first have to be a qualifying bid. This means the correct part that the engineers specs, as well as quantity and delivery time. Then lastly comes price. So low price doesn’t always mean you win a bid.
  4. Here are the pics of the carb. It’s a holly 885ffg
  5. I did a cross reference search for the uj8 and it came up with a autolite 295
  6. Well I pulled it off today and started cleaning it up. This is what I found for numbers in it. I’m trying to find info, but nothing yet
  7. The age of the plugs and unknown when they were replaced last is why I would like to change them. The current number ,UJ8, is no longer made and I haven’t found any specs on it yet. There are lots of cross reference plugs, but I need to know what the plugs are now spec wise to get the correct new ones. The engine is a rd450 from the 50s. Mike
  8. Here are the pics. The 2 lines go to the carb. I’ve already pulled the manifolds to prep for cleaning and paint so I didn’t get a pic of the carb mike
  9. Does anyone have a explored view of a governor assembly that’s under the distributor on a rd450? When I run the engine, it only goes up to 1500 rpms at full throttle. When I un hook the governor tubing it will go up to 3000 rpms without a problem. I have rebuilt the carb, but it was doing this before that. Thanks Mike
  10. I’m just wanting to know what spark plugs you would use in a rd450? It currently has Champion UJ-8. Thanks mike
  11. I would definitely put on the floor. The big box stores have brackets you can attach to the floor first. If you know your going to be heavy in the loft I would also pour a thickened slab the where the posts will be. That way you can put posts anywhere alone that line in case you need to move a post. Otherwise if the load isn’t heavy just attach to the floor. Mike
  12. I’m not going to get it. It’s because the they say it’s like getting the flue shot. They say you can’t get the flue from the shot. Both times I got the the flue shot, I got the flue and was off work for at least a week. My doctor agrees with me not getting the flue shot. They say you can’t get COVID from the shot, but I’m not willing to take that chance. Also they don’t know long term effects. Mike
  13. I done some research on lighting. As a general rule, you’ll need 50-70 lumens per square foot for storage area. For work bench area is like 100-200 lumens, more for task lighting. So a 40 X 70 needs 140K to 196K lumens. If you get 5K lumens you need 28 to 39 lights. I have a 40 X 56 barn for storage. I put up 8 7500 lumens lights which is half of what I should have. I can do general work, but really need more. I’m going to be adding more this year. I also prefer the daylight over the cool light lights. You can also talk to a good electrician for advice. Hope this helps. Mike
  14. I have a Stihl 170 with 18” and a Stihl 044 with 28”. Both are great saws. It seams that I like the bigger one so I don’t have to bend over to limb with. Only problem is it’s heavy and loves fuel.
  15. Cool video. I remember piling up snow one year like the IH case did. I did it several snows. One day after work, my father in law had the backhoe out moving my ramp of snow. His horse decided he wanted to see if the grass on the other side of the fence was still there under the snow. I guess I shouldn’t have made my pile next to the fence. Lesson learned
  16. I did a bunch when young from shore and canoe on tippy river. Lots of pike, bass, blue gill, and sun fish. Bought a pontoon about 10 years ago. We go to a lake about 40 miles away for camping and fishing. It didn’t see and water last year and that sucks. It will this year if it kills me. Mike
  17. I have a rd450 and was wondering what the oil capacity is with a filter change? I think it was in a r200 truck before I purchased it. Thanks Mike
  18. I use minwax wipe on poly for my go to finish for most projects. Yes, mineral oil on cutting boards. My kitchen table has automotive clear satin on it. Most solvent based finishes will make the grain pop. Mike
  19. Maple, walnut, and purple wood?
  20. I get all my hardwood for projects at a dealer. They have millions of board feet of lumber. I prefer to get if rough sawn so I can mill it as I need. 4/4 will most of the time jointed and planed to 7/8”. Gives me a chance to glue up wider pieces and then plane to 3/4”. Rough sawn is about 1/2 to 2/3 cost of the stuff from the big box stores
  21. I use straight Simple Green in mine. It works great.
  22. I tried to get some at one of the supply houses last week. They have something like 400 on back order.
  23. Looks sweet. I redid a rocking chair for my wife about Ten years ago. It was her grandmas. I just started redoing an other that was her aunts. All the joints are loose, so I took it all apart and working on getting the old finish off. Than sanding, staining, and finish. Then it will be off to the upholstery guy. I just found out that he is in Florida and won’t be back till March. So I have some time to get my part done.
  24. When I built my barn, 40X56, I opted for concrete. It makes it easier for overhead doors to seal down which keeps the varmints out. Mine was built as cold storage in mind with some work from time to time. I currently have no climate controls units or insulation. I do have electric. I also have room for my company van to park inside. I really hate to scrape windows this time of year. I’m probably going to make it my primary shop over the next couple of years or so. Good luck with your decision. Mike
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