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  1. It’s a inline 6 truck engine
  2. Does anyone know if there’s a kit for the rd450? I would like to go to a spin on instead of the cartridge type. Thanks Mike
  3. It almost always rain when we go camping. If it’s in the middle or a drought, it will rain on us.
  4. I’ve read and been told to fill crankcase full of oil. Remove plugs, fill with oil and replace. I like the loosening of the rockers as supermechanic said. I’d even fill the intake and valve covers. Any oil inside will have some moisture in it so you’ll want to get as much as possible out. When your ready, drain everything and start it up. It will definitely be a smoker for awhile. Mike
  5. That’s ugly. Wish I could help. Good luck
  6. Looks great. I would put a couple of supports from the center just below the shaft to the base at an angle. I’ll agree with Mike H about the shaft length. Mike
  7. Get a dumpster and a tractor. Scrap the frame. Don’t repurposed the frame. You’ll be better off in the long run. Rv frames are quite lite.
  8. Started out with a 68 Starcraft pop up. Had it 10+ years. I rebuilt just about everything on it. Sold it and got a Gulf Stream conquest. It’s 29 feet from ball to bumper with a slide. They say it can sleep 9, but only if 7 are kids. The wife calls it a hotel on wheels. We like to go to a campground that has a 400 acre lake. It’s about 40 miles away. I’m ready to go and just get away for the weekend. Mike
  9. Great choice. I did the same thing about 10 years ago to pull my camper.
  10. All I know was they have been hauling in all week from somewhere. I didn’t hear any emergency vehicles. The tow company was a red rotator with 5 axles. Sorry I didn’t the name.
  11. When I was at work today, I saw this on one of my trips to my van at the next construction site. Someone definitely didn’t have a Good Friday. I saw it hooked up to the tow truck and I’d say the frame and bed are twisted quite bad.
  12. I would like to know where I can find the model number on a truck trans. It’s a 5 speed. Thanks mike
  13. Thanks guys. That’s what I will need once the gaskets get here. Much appreciated. Mike
  14. I hate it when someone borrows a tool and doesn’t return it.
  15. Mike Stearns


    I’m looking for a manual for my rd450. I’m replacing the head gasket and need to know torque sequence and settings. It’s a 1950s engine. I’ve been searching online with no luck so far. Please let me know if you know of a source. Thanks mike
  16. Way back when I was working for a GC, the last piece of drywall got signed by everyone there. Sometimes we would put pop cans on the wall with dates on them. Mike
  17. I’m in the process of replacing the head gasket in a rd450. When I pulled the rockers and push rods, one of the intake push rods has some unusual wear and will need to be replaced. Does anyone know of a source to get one? Thanks mike
  18. The rear end ratio is 6.90 I did find the info late last night that I was looking for. It explains how the system is supposed to work. Since I have already rebuilt the carb and it runs a lot better. If I disconnected the lines, I can get 3000 rpms or more. I took the rotor back out and disassembled it again. I found what is called the governor valve assembly frozen in the idle position. I used some pb blaster and let it sit for awhile. After a little pressure it freed up and was able to take it apart. I little more cleaning, it moved freely. I have reassembled it, but it will be
  19. Dale, I’m going to disagree with you. There are reasons why the governor is on this engine. I may not like it, but I will get it fixed and working properly. I’m not going to disconnect it. All I’m after is information on how this is supposed to work so I can fix it properly. There’s something wrong with the system and I think it is in the part that’s under the distributor. Mike
  20. My dad was a master mechanic. He knew how to read plugs and make adjustments if needed. As hardtail said, manufacturers use certain brands plugs. Dad and now me will put oem plugs in. We had to replace bad plugs before. Dad always said that the engineers knew more about it than he did when it comes to designing. He just knew how to fix them
  21. As far as who wins a bid to supply parts to a manufacturer, isn’t always price based is correct. They first have to be a qualifying bid. This means the correct part that the engineers specs, as well as quantity and delivery time. Then lastly comes price. So low price doesn’t always mean you win a bid.
  22. Here are the pics of the carb. It’s a holly 885ffg
  23. I did a cross reference search for the uj8 and it came up with a autolite 295
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