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  1. I’m retired from our volunteer fire department with 30+ years. In that time, we only had 1 new truck and several used trucks. All are commercial chassis’s. I own a 97 custom cab ladder truck. As far as resell goes, you’ll only get what someone is willing to pay for it. IMO. No matter what you looking for, I would go with a custom chassis. They have a lower center of gravity, are wider which means more stable and a lot more roomier. If you are a volunteer FD, they are a lot more safer as they aren’t always driven by the same person. What I mean is think of a paid FD who have a set of guys that always do the same thing on every run. With a volunteer FD, it’s who is available and show up to station is who is driving. That driver may only drive that truck a couple of times a year. When I got mine, after being behind the wheel for about 5 miles, I am quite comfortable driving it. A commercial cab can only sit 2 to 5, where a custom can sit 4 to 10. Most seats are scba type which saves on cabinet space. Commercial cabs may have to be modified to handle the weight your planning on carrying. The wheel base may need to be extended also. Suspension may need to be heavier. Anything modified is going to cost extra. On custom cabs, it’s only done once since it is designed and built to serve your needs. A guy that I work with is on a volunteer FD that has purchased 2 used custom cabs in the last couple of years. They had them refurbished and are like new trucks now. They are going to faze out all the commercial cabs for customs over the next 10 years. The only exception to that is the new grass rig that is about done now. In my way of thinking, you should have a long range plan for truck replacement. Not replace when it’s past time, but be proactive on replacing trucks. Put it in writing for the future people who will be in charge in the future. These are my opinions. I hope I have given you something’s to think about. Good luck with your project and keep us informed on what the outcome is. Thanks Mike
  2. My daughter boyfriend father works for a railroad and said you could possibly order a keg of new railroad spikes from rjcorman.com under material sales.
  3. I’ve bought one about 20 years ago when I did hvac work
  4. We finally got rain yesterday. Was to rain today, but it hasn’t yet and it’s quite sunny now
  5. I’ll agree. Yard is dormant. We really could use a day or two of good steady rain
  6. I’m not opposed to using an electric fuel pump. That would be the easiest way. I was hoping someone knew of a source for a new one or a rebuild kit. if using an electric fuel pump, what pressure is the best?
  7. It’s been about two months since I last started up my fire truck. It has an RD450 in it. After a little run time, I noticed gas coming from the fuel pump. After removing the fuel pump, I found it was coming from the weep hole under the diafram . I’m going to need a rebuild kit. I need help locating a kit. The fuel pump I have has the sediment bowl that faces forward. Please let me know of a source. These are the only numbers on it that I can find. Thanks Mike
  8. I agree, that cool !
  9. At least the heater was working 😀!
  10. I’m going to make one. What size of I beam did you use?
  11. I feel your pain. I took the day off work to unload a semi with me new barn on it. I ran into town to pick up some miscellaneous items. The first stop was Menards to get some cap nails. They informed me that they are requiring everyone to wear a mask while in the store and if I didn’t have one, I can purchase one at the service desk for a dollar. It’s not the dollar I’m complaining about, rather the fact if I didn’t , I wouldn’t be allowed to enter the store. I made four other stops and none of them required me to where a mask. I’m a healthy 55 year old man. I chose not to wear a mask. If I get it, I get it. I’m just tired of hearing all the bull about how I should live and behave. I think the media has a lot to do with it. Mike
  12. I sure don’t want to be near you if anything breaks. Looks great
  13. I wish I can say that. Steam boiler piping is the worst. The pipe and fittings will grow together and you won’t get apart without cutting. I remember working at a local company on there old boiler system that had a leak in the condensate line. After a day of cutting and threading, I got it fixed and running again. The next several days was the same, start where I stopped and fix the leak that started a couple of fittings away. Took four day to get all the leaks repaired. About a month later was the same. I ended up repairing that area the next summer. Took me about two weeks. It’s hot and sweaty, finger pinching, knuckle busting work.
  14. Being that I’m a plumber, I like the rigid one better, especially on bid pipe. The knurled one is only good up to 3/4” nipples or pipe. We have a set of them at the shop from 3/4”to 2”. I’ve broken more of the knurled ones than I can count.
  15. Odsteve, I have the wtec2. In all my research so far, all reprogramming and programming is done through Allison HQ. All dealers have to contact them for the program codes to reprogram a tcm weather is new or old. That’s why I’m currently working with Allison to see if they will allow it.
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