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  1. Odsteve, I have the wtec2. In all my research so far, all reprogramming and programming is done through Allison HQ. All dealers have to contact them for the program codes to reprogram a tcm weather is new or old. That’s why I’m currently working with Allison to see if they will allow it.
  2. Count me in. But I personally don’t like corona beer, I prefer MGD though.
  3. I do have the manual for my trans, but it doesn’t cover the programming. I have looked into buying a reader, but they want too much for one. A good reader will run you about 2500-3000 plus the software is another 1000-1500. I’m going to search tonight to see if there’s a source for the programming. I’ll let you all know what I find out
  4. After some research, Allison’s policy is you have to get a letter from the original manufacturer stating the truck can handle the sixth gear. You then have to send it to a dealer who then forwards it to corporate. They will review it and either accept or denies. If it is excepted, they will send the codes back to the dealer. When the dealer gets the codes, you have to make an appointment to have Tcm flashed with new codes. All this costs $500 or less. I called a local Allison shop and was told the same thing. The only problem I have is the manufacturer sold twice and then went out of business. So I decided to call Allison head quarters and ended up leaving a message. I received a call back and I explained my issue and I do understand their policy. It’s a liability thing. After a second call back, they want the codes from the tcm and maybe they will approve my request.
  5. Don’t know if this is the correct place to post this or not. I have a 96 fire truck that has an Allison automatic. The model number is hd4060p. According to the manual I got with the truck, it’s a six speed unit. It only goes into fifth gear as high. So sixth is locked out. The mode button just changes the shift points. How do I unlock the sixth gear? Can I do it or do I need to take to a dealer to have done? Thanks Mike
  6. My household calls it daylight stupid time. It’s a pain in the ! The sun was just coming up when I was getting to work at 7. Now I have to get out the lights again to do my work again. I’d like that Extra daylight in the morning. The sun sets about 10 in June. I think it sucks.
  7. Mike Stearns

    Next week...

    You mean daylight stupid time!
  8. I can tell you that they aren’t water underground bolts. Underground bolts are tee head. Sorry I don’t know what they are used for either
  9. As far as drive line goes, Detroit series 60, Allison trans, rocker axels. I’m thinking on changing the pigs to get a little better top end. I’m thinking 65-70 tops. I may even have it turned up some to be able to pull the hills better. Definitely need to replace the seats from scba to standard. Some cosmetic repairs and lots of elbow grease to clean up the inside. Tires are in great shape. My daughter will want to change the wheels to polished aluminum. Knowing her boyfriend, he will come up with them cheep. As far as the ladder goes, it’s steel and will go to scrap as well as the super structure. The body is aluminum and some will get reused. It came with a generator which I’ll keep. Some of the fire fighting stuff will either go to the local fire departments or be sold.
  10. The truck is a 1996 Simon duplex with a 105’ quint ladder. Has a 250 gallon booster tank. I don’t know what the pump is yet, I haven’t looked at the data plate
  11. Yes to all above except for the painting. I’m going to make a hauler for my antique fire truck I’m restoring.
  12. T isn’t a tractor, but it’s red
  13. I don’t remember the name that dad used, but s basically alcohol
  14. My neighbor has it down to an art. This is what he does. First you need to know how much it weights. Trim most of the fat off. Then reweight it. Add any rub you want, he uses the McCormicks. He then puts in smoker at 250. Cooks it 1 hour per pound. Generally he smokes 6-8 hours and then will wrap in aluminum foil and finish cooking. Use the wood you like. They always come out great
  15. If your going to heat, I recommend radiant floor heat. Have it installed by a company that knows what they are doing. It is expensive compared to forced air. It cost about 4-6 dollars per square foot on average here in Indiana. It will pay for itself in the long run.
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