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  1. Virginia creeper is what I call it
  2. The wife and went to a flea market today and saw this as a display. Just you all would like it. Mike
  3. IMO, go paper if that is what was in it when new. If they wanted it to have an oiled filter, then it would have came that way when new. Mike
  4. We had a 20’ pontoon. Great fishing boat. The wife started calling it “ The Professional Worm Drowners “. So I painted it on the front gate. When asked, I would just say “ the wife’s idea “. Mike
  5. You will need to know the serial number of the block when you order gaskets from Olson’s. You may also need a picture of the block with the head. I got a kit mid spring and cost about $600. It was very well labeled and great quality. Mike
  6. We had a tile contractor hire us to core holes in floor tile, 24x24, for floor drains and clean outs. We used a big core machine with a 6” bit. Took me all day to do them and only broke 1. Customer was quite pleased.
  7. I’m a plumber by trade and I’ve drilled more holes in tile than I care to. The mini core bit works best with lots of water with a drill speed of 2000 rpms. You can pick up the bits at the big box stores. Mike
  8. It’s a inline 6 truck engine
  9. Does anyone know if there’s a kit for the rd450? I would like to go to a spin on instead of the cartridge type. Thanks Mike
  10. It almost always rain when we go camping. If it’s in the middle or a drought, it will rain on us.
  11. I’ve read and been told to fill crankcase full of oil. Remove plugs, fill with oil and replace. I like the loosening of the rockers as supermechanic said. I’d even fill the intake and valve covers. Any oil inside will have some moisture in it so you’ll want to get as much as possible out. When your ready, drain everything and start it up. It will definitely be a smoker for awhile. Mike
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