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  1. I have the Rockwell corded one. I got it to cut off door jam and trim when I installed new flooring in my kitchen. Worked great. Have used it elsewhere with good results. Blades can be pricy, just watch for them on sale
  2. Why are you thinking of repowering? Is it because the original engine is beyond repair? Or just cost of rebuild? I repowered mine because of cost to rebuild is 20 times what I'll have in doing the repower. It sure can be a lot of extra work making engine mounts, pedal assemblies and drive line modifications.
  3. Sometimes ya just need a great ball game to relax to get your second wind
  4. I enjoy cooking also. My wife will tell you that I'm a better cook than she is. I cook like my grandma use to and definitely cook to taste. I use recipes as a guide and make changes to suit my tastes.
  5. I had my roof reshingled this year after 22 years. My wife and I looked at metal but due to insurance was going to go up, we chose shingles. The metal was going to cost more up front as well as in the future
  6. I had a gas 2004 Chevy 1/2 ton. It got 5-7 pulling a 7k camper at 60 mph. I purchased a 2007 2500hd with a duromax to pull the same camper. It gets 10-12 on the same trip. It definitely pulls a lot better over the gas. They both got about the same on the highway when not pulling. The wife and I went from home in Indiana to Colorado and back to pick up the engine for my fire truck. The trip was about 2200 miles over 4 days and saw a high of 20 mpg and a low of 18.8 loaded with the engine. I like my truck especially for pulling. It gets about the same mpg as my 04 did on average. Sucks every time have to change the oil and filters
  7. Something similar. I was on my way to Wisconsin on the toll road around Chicago. I hit a pretty good bump and about a mile down the road, I noticed a white line in the center of my lane. As I traveled further the line got bigger. Someone had to be dragging something. About four miles I saw a big grease spot then the line again. Then I say what and who was making the line. It was a bass boat. The bump bent the outboard support and had ground down the lower unit and stainless steel prop. The two guys were trying to get the outboard to stay up. I call that having a really bad day
  8. Congrats to you and your son. My father was a master mechanic and it seemed like everyone knew him when they couldn't fix it. I can remember going with him and my older brother to other repair shops to help them out. My older brother has the same talent as dad did. It just amazed me to watch them figure out the problems. They would even bet each other on who was right
  9. I don't know for sure. I'm still in the process of getting things connected up. I'm told it's governed somewhere between 2600 and 2800 rpm. With the 6.90 related I have in the truck, it will be at that rpm while going down the road
  10. Start lunch, lasagne and brusque for dinner. Also work in garage on my fire truck
  11. Mike Stearns


    Got a couple of questions for you all. I just picked up a rd450 to do a repower in my fire truck. First is does anyone have a picture of the front motor mount they can post? I have a complete rear mount and the rubber for the front, just have no idea what it looks like. Second, what years did they make the r180 ? The guy I got the engine from thought it was a later one, 1955 or 1956. Third, what is the preferred oil to use? And fourth, are the positive or negative ground? Thanks mike
  12. Great job Mader. One of my daughters finished up a baseball/softball field for her gold project for girlscouts. My wife and daughter asked how many other people I thought we needed to help. I explained that the fewer the better. She wasn't happy with that until we had to redo some of the previous work, then she understood what I was talking about. Most people don't have a clue about what they are helping with and we let them. Then we go back and spend our time to redo/repair what they did. I know your pain. Mike
  13. Mike Stearns


    I'm going to pick up a rd450 in June as a repower for my fire truck. The question is if needed, where can I get a rebuild kit? I do know that Napa has a head gasket kit still. I haven't I checked with them yet to see is there is anything else available. The engine is a 1945. Thanks mike
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