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  1. I would have that with discs from A & I. Started using discs from Hy-Cap and the problem went away. Also make sure you take a file or die grinder and open all the dust slots on both ends to let the dust drop to the bottom.
  2. Paris just pulled their new EV buses out of service after two of them blew up. I would actually like to know how many letters/emails Deere gets asking for an Auto/EV tractor
  3. CaseIH offered a whole assembly at one time. The assemblies came with the later 2 wire motor with ext resistor. I never sold one myself.
  4. 398080R2 is for the spin on conversion.
  5. Its how the blowers draw air to cool the motor. So if the vent hole is facing you and the shaft turns ccw on a 66 series its the opposite on an 86 series. When I was stocking motors I stocked 3. early 86 series. late 86/50 series and one for everything else. I actually stocked those from AGCO as they were a better price. Would that hole location make a big difference? I don't don't know. But I know I didn't enjoy putting blower motors in so why put the wrong one in?
  6. Yes and no. There is a hole on the end of the motor housing that is for ventilation to cool the motor. The 66 series is on the opposite side of the 86 series. The 66 series is actually the same as a New Holland TR combine or a White tractor.
  7. The difference is one has 4 wires with a built in resistor. The later style was two wires and used an external resistor. The late 86 series and all 50 series used the two wire motor
  8. He is a very helpful person. He had been giving my son advise on his 440 rebuild.
  9. Darn Germans screwed up Allis Chalmers the same way and then dumped it 5 years later after destroying most of the customer base. I think they are still bitter about 1945 and are getting even.
  10. They don't lie. It's 8%. Or do they? The reality is our dollar is reaching toilet paper value status. At least toilet paper is absorbent.
  11. Looks like a great way to get rid of all the cats we have running around here.
  12. A four bottom slat will pull like a regular three bottom. I still have the one for our D17. The slats were not as strong though. Its just a show piece now as I doubt slats are available any more. Nice looking load.
  13. My wife is deadly scared of snakes. Last summer I picked one up by the apple tree's. I had to laugh. I had a barrel of trash burning. My wife yells at me across the yard "send it back home" and points to the burning barrel. I guess it's an Eve thing.
  14. I converted mine to the cylinder lift. I had some of the front pivot arms for the cylinder in my NOS inventory.
  15. Just the simple things. 6 hours to fill instead of 6 minutes. 200 mile range instead of 400. I could only make it half way to Rapid City and then have to get a motel while the car charges. Imagine what electric rates would do if more cars go electric. And I won't be the first one to buy a ticket for a flight on a Boeing EV767. Let Air Force 1 have that privilege.
  16. I think my dad bought a new 1967 GTO because of "Little GTO" by Ronnie and the Daytona's
  17. All IH fittings are 7/8 o-ring boss. John Deere liked to use 3/4 ORB and everyone else was 1/2 npt.
  18. A lot of dairies came to Iowa and South Dakota a number of years ago when land was reasonable here. Thats a thing of the past. I talked to one dairyman who moved to IA 20 years ago. In CA he was hauling manure 70 miles because of encroachment. He sold 100 acres there and bought 400 acres here. Bitter cold here in the winter and muggy hot in the summer. But I wouldn't live anywhere else.
  19. They will outlast anything made today. On facebook marketplace the other day for sale was a sharp looking whirlpool side by side with ice maker. "Bought new 4 years ago. Very clean. Needs work" I wonder what's more environmentally friendly. A fridge lasting 70 plus years that takes .50 cents a day to run or a fridge that uses .25 cents a day but is in the landfill after 5-10 years?
  20. thats what I heard. I was in the shop. I should have went outside and looked.
  21. John Wayne's Big Jake. Bad guy "the sight of blood bother you?" John. "Just my own"
  22. Chopper unit or whatever it is being driven by the flywheel/gearbox would be really hard on the overrunning dogs inside that main drive hub in front of the flywheel that run the baler.
  23. Just for info. John Deere's bearing set for the steering thrust on A B and G is 79.23. Low production specialty bearings are not cheap.
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