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  1. Along with the longer sieves, the hydraulic system on a 1666 is the same closed center system as a 2166. More responsive header lift and field tracker.
  2. Tech school I went to we looked out the shop window one day and an F150 was spinning around the parking lot in reverse. Kind of fun to watch.
  3. My father in law feels that way about Vietnam. He had two brothers sent to Vietnam(not at the same time) and he got sent to Germany. He was in the artillery and said all they did was drink beer, shoot at hills and make the locals mad. He hates when he goes to a veterans event and people ask where he was sent. But my BIL did two tours of Iraq and one in Afghanistan so FIL is proud of that.
  4. Should have kept heading east to Poland and sent the Russian army packing for home. Oh wait. Patton wanted to do that and look what happened to him.
  5. Unfortunately those who are defeated don't want to be interviewed about their war experience's. It's to late now, but I wish there more first hand accounts from German and Japanese veterans.
  6. It seemed I read once Holland had one of the highest deaths per capita.
  7. Its a little known fact we supplied 100% of the Soviets high octane gasoline so they could fly their planes. Their gas was so poor, the Germans couldn't even use to run their vehicles. Let them steal our planes. We should have cut off their fuel supply towards the end of the war.
  8. Thanks. I will check that tomorrow. It's to tight to remove the charge pump without removing the side panel and its 40 bolts. The front panels lift up. That would have been nice on the back. I appreciate the help. I had a 6620 for 20 plus years and wow that 1660 cab is a lot quieter. I do miss the 6620 steps. And it's moving on its own.
  9. I put a gauge in one of the ports with the #3 o-ring. The service manual says 240 psi. I have zero. Possibly charge pump then I am thinking.
  10. I had to stop at a neighbor this afternoon to look at an 1816 he wants to get rid of. They run a 1660. He said they had a rebuilt hydro put on 5-6 years ago. They parked it for the night later that fall. Next day nothing. In that orfice screen was a small piece of silicone. Took that out and its worked since.
  11. Never thought of synthetic oil. May be the best. Has any one tried EPO grease(corn head/disc mower) in the unloading auger elbow? On the New Holland hay rakes and unloader elbow gearbox they used gun grease which just sticks to the outer casing. At the dealership we went to New Idea EPO grease which falls somewhere between 80-90 and gun grease. Worked really well.
  12. It was a rebuilt hydro two years ago with a new hub. I capped off the foot/inch valve fittings down by the motor. Nothing. Took the control bracket loose. the lever centers itself. Next it to check charge pressure and if that is good I am going after that control pin that has been mentioned. I wish them dang middle of the night gremlins would stick to messing with voting machines instead of my combine.
  13. Parked my 1660 last night in the machine shed. drove it in and shut it off. This morning started it up and nothing. Things I have looked at/done. Hydro linkage all moves fine(external anyway) Hydro shaft is turning. Think FNI valve so I capped that of by the motor. Reservoir is full I will add. Still nothing. I also put it in neutral and pushed the hydro lever ahead to see if I would grind gears. The pump is quiet as a church mouse. Any suggestions other than sabotage in the middle of the night?
  14. Do you remember who sells them? My neighbor said they work great as well. His were on the head when he bought it so he didn't know either.
  15. I looked up and read the article on the Japanese B17's. Very interesting. Their evaluations showed they were superior to their aircraft in all aspects. Except the Norden bombsite. They found what they were using was just as good. They tried to copy and add turbochargers to their engines but failed because of a shortage of quality raw materials.
  16. A neighbor stopped by this morning. He was looking at my 1020 and made a comment he had some bolt on spikes that made it like a full finger auger. Seams I seen them maybe in Farm Sow magazine at one time. Anyone use them and know who makes them?
  17. The early 25 mission target was also to allow experienced pilots to go back home and help train new pilots. The British didn't care who or what they bombed as they only flew at night. The precision type bombing was thrown out the window against Japan. Gen Curtis Lemay was out to win in the Pacific. Later quoted he wanted to bomb North Vietnam "back into the stone age" For thousands of years armies fought to win. Somehow from the Korean conflict and since we have lost our way on the win part. Being content on not completely winning or not completely loosing.
  18. CASEIH only. I put a new radiator in my 656 a number of years back. I did an experiment. I pit two from A & I on one side and two from IH on the other. Within a few years the A & I ones were cracked and sagging. Junk India rubber.
  19. Six of them "monuments to mans stupidity" are going up on I-90 east of Sioux falls in Minnesota. The tube mfg plant is just east of Sioux Falls. Its a Canadian own company. One thing that's overlooked is how much farmland is taken out of production forever. Each one sits on a piece of ground. And everyone has its own little gravel access road. And the strategically place sub-stations.
  20. Surprised to see there are quick-cuts still out there running. CaseIH at one time offered a complete 3" cutterbar kit to replace the 1-1/2" cut. Sold a lot of those. And guys loved the change. If you change to any 3" cut you need to change the drive pulley. If I remember correct you need the 12"
  21. My oldest of our four got married yesterday. 24 years ago and diapers seems like yesterday. She married a west river South Dakota boy. They bought a trailer and are moving on my farm until they find an acreage. She still lived at home and he had been renting an acreage west of Mitchell. He is an agronomist for LG seeds for eastern South Dakota. Thankful to God for bringing them together.
  22. Had a customer with a 1460 take a fun ride. Spun out a final drive coupler going down the road. He came in after that and bought new couplers, master cylinder and slave cylinder seals.
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