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  1. Works on races and miserable Perkins diesel dry sleeves
  2. A lot of times I pull them out, wire brush them up and put them back in. Just take a small screwdriver and push in the locking tab. Bent it back out before re-installing.
  3. I am wondering that as well. Went to order a MM Jet star clutch/ppa and was told they no longer will carry it. That set fits a lot of models. Got them from Ag-parts instead.
  4. The Westendorf WL-30 broke a lot of M's thru 656's because guys wouldn't adjust the side rods correctly. When adjusted correctly, with the loader up in the air, you should be able to pull out the lower pins. Often I would see those pins bent like horseshoes. That meant all the stress was on the bell housing.
  5. Good thing it didn't have 656 emblems on it. There would have been another paragraph.
  6. I worked for a CIH dealer. I was the parts manager for 16 years. All paint was ordered on the Valspar ship direct program. It was kind of a pain at times. There was an order minimum so if you happened to run out of a certain color, say 2150 in an aerosol, you ended up ordering really more than you needed.
  7. Valspar at least until 2008 when I quit.
  8. You have to have the OEM dealer code to order. And then only the OEM parts you are a dealer for. So when I ordered I had to give them my dealer code. We were CIH, New Holland and AGCO. Three dealer codes. I always dealt with Sherri at the depot so she knew my dealer codes. Peach of a lady. You can go on "The depot" website and look up a part number. You just cant order it or get a price. You have to contact a helpful dealer to get a price.
  9. Two different companies. The Depot is owned(or was) by Steve Collins. Vintage(DPNI) changed hands a dozen or so times. Even owned by an Irish company called Finley at one time. They built the Power King garden tractors at one time. A deere dealership in Colorado bought up most of DPNI's two cylinder parts back in the late 80's or early 90's I was told one time it was quite a few semi loads.
  10. The biggest benefit I seen was you then qualified for the 50% off. Those parts showed an * by them. I bought a lot of the 50% off parts thru the years.
  11. I should add how the depot works. As a dealer you got 25% off of oem dealer net on most items. If you did a parts return to them(new parts only) they would pay you by the pound and then you qualified for 50% off dealer net on select items. The items I would return to them were parts that were non-returnable because of being obsolete or a part number change. If I remember correct, if an item you sent them sold you got a kickback. I never seen the accounting end so I have no idea if that ever happened. They also kept track of where parts came from in case there was trouble with a part. I order some DT436 s/p sets on time. When they came they were in IH boxed with only a p/n written on them. Opened them up and they were all DT414 sets. I got them to heavily discount them and she said they were going to contact the dealer who sent them in.
  12. I faxed my CIH stock order list every Monday for 18 years to Sherri at the Depot. She would go thru it and fax back what they had and a price. I would remove off my stock order what I wanted from here before I sent it on to CIH. I tended to shy away from o-rings and gaskets because of age. We were also AGCO so I could order anything under that umbrella. No matter how I tried, I could not order Deere parts. Which was kind of dumb on their part. I had a guy price Kooima Company stalk rollers for a 643. Just for kicks I checked the depot using a prior JD part number. They had 50 plus of each side on hand but I couldn't buy them. Called our local Deere dealer. He quoted me the current OEM list plus shipping. I checked maybe 8-10 years ago and they still had the 50 plus of each on hand. Unfortunately no Deere conditioned partsman is wants to mess with calling the depot.
  13. There are 3 pots. 1400. 1600 and 2100. I had all three written in the front cover of my 1020 parts book at the dealership. The 2100's had no stop when you turned them. If I remember the 1400's pot had the shortest wires.
  14. Those 997 were always truck parts. I have an old truck part counter merchandiser. I went the the piston ring section and I couldn't find them in it.
  15. The bearing is a 509598E or if White still uses the W then its W509598E. Looks to be available.
  16. The stationary bar is the one guys would put the sickle sections on. I assumed you had one.
  17. There was a company(don't remember the name) made sickle section replacements for the u-bars. A lot of guys would just weld sections to the u-bars
  18. The cracking between bolts was a earth metal problem in the early 2000's. It was such a problem I worked out a warranty replacement for our customers with our CIH rep. I handed out 1000's of sweeps. If a guy for example bought 50 of them for his field cult. and one cracked. He got all new ones. It was a PITA situation for everyone. The 1/2 sweeps were higher priced so we would chop saw them as needed
  19. The inline pumps have a rack that can get stuck when sitting for awhile. The rack is in full throttle position upon start up and then moves to idle. Thats why when you start a 4440 for example it throttle ups and then idles. The roosa's are the opposite. They can stick in idle position after sitting. I drain the old fuel out of the pump and then pour Stanadyne fuel lubricant in the pump and let it set awhile. Usually works as I don't take them apart.
  20. We had a for lack of a better term, a machine shop in town not far from our dealership. They had laser cut machines. I took measurements from 8900 series mirror brackets and had them make up a bunch of RH and LH brackets. I sold a lot of those brackets along with the 8900 series mirrors kits. You of coarse had to weld the brackets on. They were nice mirrors. Maybe they are different now, but the k & m mirror brackets offered back then had more wiggle than a two year old in church.
  21. It seemed T/A troubles were more prevalent in the 86 series. I think a sticky cable doomed a lot of them. They should have had the electric solenoid kits on from the start.
  22. Did you replace the oil pump plate gasket when you had the pan off? I've have come across them before where the gasket was missing and the bolts were a little more than finger tight. Its a paper thin gasket.
  23. We had a few 914's in the area. Interesting they used the regular cross paddle fan like everyone else.
  24. The was a service bulletin. I don't remember the date. CIH offered a conversion kit to replace the pfc pump in tractors that are used for heavy pto work. Before the aftermarket did. I sold quite a few. The bulletin specifically mentions forage harvesters, stalk choppers and grinders. The problem was what IH called "torsional deflection of the driveline" Nearly every pfc pump we replaced had either a broken off gear or when you shook the pump you heard broken stuff inside it. Every one had been doing heavy pto work. I think for general use those pumps are ok. Like loader work. Just don't use the pto.
  25. Unless I am corrected, all 236 263 291 301 engines hold 9 quarts. Be gas, diesel, tractor or combine.
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