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  1. Make sure the teeth aren't filled with old hardened grease. It won't allow the clutches to fully engage. I ran a 7000 8rn for 25 plus years and the clutches havn't been a problem.
  2. I would have went thru quite a few boxes of 12 gauge seeing that.
  3. When I was in parts(1990-2008) all IH mufflers were Nelson. I have been told they are now high priced Stanley's. True or not I don't know. Easy to tell if you look at one. 403551R1 was the small manifold muffler and like NE1206 said 398511R1 is the large manifold muffler.
  4. The 550r1 manifold was the factory one for 560/706/656 w/c263. The larger manifold was for a late 706 w/c291. IH discontinued the 550r1 and only offered the large manifold as a replacement. All aftermarkets are also the large manifold. In some applications you need the manifold offset casting to align the hole in the hood.
  5. What's burning the John Deere combines? Two within 5 miles of me last fall.
  6. A memory popped up when I read the BB gun post. I had a very nice 1994 Olds cutlass 4 door for work. I looked out the house window and noticed the left rear door glass missing. Also missing was our younger 4 or 5 year old son. After a lot of searching and calling we found him hiding in the grove. He had been just tossing rocks and one hit the window and shattered it. I gave him a big hug and told him accidents happen.
  7. Any old carbureted car and a flex hose hooked to the tailpipe for 1/2 hour also works.
  8. You mean China via the tax payers.
  9. It's both printed under the hopper lid and in the manual. It says heavy weight oil not grease. I have an old gallon of 600 weight gear oil. Thats a heavy weight oil. I sure wouldn't use 80-90. I've been using EPO in mine for over 30 years. It works good.
  10. Most hub castings are 3 or 4 digit. I checked my hub book and that number isnt in there. Quite possible they made their own. Westendorf and Roorda did.
  11. Is the drum down for beans?
  12. DO NOT USE GUN GREASE! Originally it was heavy weight oil. Use epo or corn head grease. Gun grease is to stiff.
  13. We put a 15 r/p set in a guys 1466 upon his request. With 20.8 x 38 tires it did at least 30 mph. He was sorry he did it.
  14. My dad bought the last new 4020 sold out of Olsen Implement in Canton, SD in 1970 before they closed their doors. So he got a good deal on it. If I remember correct he paid 7600.00. I wish he was around to ask.
  15. When I was doing auto body in the late 80's we were using PPG's DP40. Excellent epoxy primer for holding down rust. I painted my grandpas 1935 B john deere in 1988. There was absolutely no paint left on it. Just rust. All I did was wire brush it. No decals back then for a 1935 so I had to air brush on the stenciling on the hood. Here is a picture of it at a threshing bee a couple years ago with one of my daughters driving it.
  16. Hy-capacity have been good for me. The A & I's tend to lock up.
  17. I always stocked the one from White. W239661B. Shows it's 11.96
  18. Do you actually have oil pressure?
  19. It's the big picture of what is happening on all fronts in the world. "men will be lovers of self, lovers of MONEY, PROUD, ARROGANT..... There are more passaged on the end. Arrogance and money are behind a lot of that kind of stuff going on.
  20. 2nd Timothy 3:1-9 sums up everything.
  21. Get your original rebuilt by Star Speedometer. He does great work
  22. 844T sounds like a Shibaura engine. Pretty common in Ford/New Holland stuff. Small Perkins are re-badged Shibaura's
  23. I bought a Harbor Freight 12,000# winch when they first came out 10-12 years ago. Been a great winch. It was only $50.00 higher than the 9000#. I wouldn't buy anything smaller. I generally use a snatch block to double line it. I've pulled up a lot of non running tractors. The biggest was an 806 with cab.
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