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  1. Yes, I got the manual. Took off the top link cover (above the PTO) and had a look. It seems like without weight on the 3 pt that it’s either not falling, or is falling so slowly I can’t tell. When I have my disk hooked up I can actually hear fluid dripping as the disk “falls.” But I when remove the disk (to remove top link cover area) it seems to not fall at all. When I have the engine running, and the disk attached, and in raised position, I can feel a “bump” every minute or so as the 3 point falls and lifts itself back up. I guess the next thing I’ll try
  2. I think it may have to with the upper sensing arm adjustment I removed it last week to weld washers on the side because it kept slipping off I guess I reinstalled it wrong or something. That's when this started. I'm not sure how to set the setscrews and nut back correctly
  3. Hey guys. Sure it's been asked a million times, I glanced through the forums and couldn't find exactly what I'm looking for. My 3 point hitch is not staying in position. When raised all the way up it drifts down and bumps itself back up in less than a minute or so. If I raise it all the way up and shut the tractor off, it will be all the way down within 30 minutes or so. All hydraulic fluid has been drained and refilled. New filter. Removed the PTO last week and wiped out the entire cavity with clean rags. What are the possible problems?
  4. Broken low speed PTO shaft. Broken about 1 inch out from the gearbox. (This is the output shaft going to the implement) How difficult of a job to replace this shaft? I know how to get the PTO off. Just not familiar with tearing into the guts of the PTO and replacing this shaft. Any help appreciated. Thank you.
  5. I owe all you guys a huge debt of gratitude. Thank you all for your patience and assistance. You guys have been lifesavers. Got the PTO out, washers welded on the arm, filter changed, 17 gallons of milky hydraulic taken drained. Filled with fresh fluid, new filter, sealed PTO, tested everything under hot conditions, operated for about 40 minutes. Pulled my little baby disk (🤣) raises it up and down, ran tranny through all speeds. No leaks, levels are perfect. Thank you for all of your help. PS-Lesson learned ab
  6. What adjustments are there that need to be made when reassembling?
  7. Hey J-Mech. At my buddies welding shop right now. How big of a washer would you weld to the sides?
  8. I guess where those 2 bolts are bolted to is the torque tube?
  9. Errrr. Umm. Oops? Guess I should’ve read this first. I just took it loose and snatched it outta there. ill go back now and remove the drawbar once I set this on the picnic table. (Heavy joker ain’t it?!?!) Found all kinda goodies in the bottom of the tank. Nuts, bolts, washers. Guess ill I’ll clean it all good before removing that arm and taking it to be welded.
  10. Draining hyd oil now. Removed 2 drain plugs beside axles. Drained about 10 gal out, but there’s still a BUNCH. It’s up about halfway on the PTO shaft. Is is there anyway to drain more fluid before cracking PTO loose? Or do you just have to crack it loose and catch what you can?
  11. I already removed the nut and spring. (That’s where I dropped the washer) I’m frustrated only due to lack of knowledge. I’m thoroughly enjoying doing the work. (Takes me back to my days as a tank mechanic.) I’ve bought the manuals, waiting on them to come. I will drain all hyd fluid. Have a new filter and gasket, o-rings ready to go. How difficult is removing yhe PTO? What do I need to know? Can you give me a cursory walk through/instructions? Thank you.
  12. I can only assume this is the piece you’re talking about welding the washers on to? how in the **** do you get it out of there? I cant remove that pin because it’s to close to that side wall and there’s not enough play to get it to come out. Still got the washer down in the bottom somewhere also. Really getting frustrated with this.
  13. You’re right on several points. I’m definitely not a farmer. This is only my 2nd tractor I’ve ever owned. 99% of what I do is pull a bush hog on hunting land and make food plots for deer. It is a tiny disk compared to this tractor. When moving stuff around in that area I feel no looseness or slop. TBH, I’m not even sure what a torque tube is. I do know that in trying to remove this arm I’ve dropped one of the washers down into the bottom. Many ideas for getting that dang thing out of there!??
  14. No other issues besides this one. All the hydraulics work correctly.
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