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  1. Is a 414 fairly easy to put into a 766D? Is the 766 rear end the same as 966? Thanks for your help.
  2. Well I'm glad I started this topic, that certainly got off the rails. LOL
  3. Seems a lot of people seem to have such a dislike for the 86 series. Were there reliabilty issues with these tractors when they first came out. I've had pretty good luck with mine, but wow it just seems some have a very harsh opinion of these rigs. Just wondering out loud if the bad press is deerved???
  4. Had a wonderful thing happen, was able to recover the 766 my grandfather bought new and currently working on getting it going after sitting for a few years. Cant remember where this machine was bought. Want to surprise my siblings with as many details as possible. Any help would be greatly appreciated. # 2490187U014107
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