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  1. This is what was on my starter when I had it rebuilt a year ago hope it helps Starter for tractor Delco remy Series 30MT Type 175 Model 1113203 Anderson Indiana s/72807 10 teeth on gear
  2. Thanks for the post. I was wondering about this job.
  3. Thanks for the info. How much ATF did you use per tank. Ill check out Howes lubricator.
  4. Do you add anything to your diesel fuel for pump lubrication 2 cycle oil or atf . I've been reading some posts about sulphur content
  5. It is starting to appear. Im itching to get back at the IH. Its calling for some warmer weather next week so the snow should take a cutting.
  6. Brakes are good once the engine gets running. The first start requires a sniff of ether after that she is good for the rest of the day.The parking brake is weak but not enough for me to take them apart and fix it. Thats what the front end loader is for. When I first got the backhoe the previous owner made a point to go over the stop start and run lever which I did for the first two weeks until I determined the cable was broke and wasn't even connected to the fuel injection pump as you can see in the pics. The previous owner hadnt heard of a grease gun judging by the pins. On the plus side I found a couple of free vise grips attached to the machine. Never time to do it right but always time to do it again. The old girl needs some lovin new fluids for a start. I got her cheap so I can afford to put some money into her. As I slowly complete the fixup I plan to post the progress here. I couldn't find much info on the 2400 or 454 online. As you probably know there are some repair videos on youtube Canadian Redneck channel which goes over dismantling the brakes on a 454. ☺️
  7. My 1972 international 2400 backhoe loader has 17.5L-24 8 ply rear tires
  8. Mine also says I2400 D which I assume stands for diesel. Mine is missing the stop start run cable connection to the Inj pump. I can get a pic if it helps
  9. Thanks for the info I will check it out further once the snow melts around the backhoe hopefully by end April. Here is a bad picture I took when I first got the machine it is cleaner now. The tag is missing but based on your pictures it looks like a BR. I already had a set of new return lines made up at a local hydraulic shop which I installed because they were leaking. A month after that the pump started leaking. Rebuilding a pump is outside my comfort zone and getting them rebuilt is expensive. Might have to wire a coffee can under the pump for now and call it the auxiliary gas tank.
  10. Sounds like I'm going to have lots of fun . My iP leaks from inspection plate when hot as well. I think it is a Bosch brand br type. I'm sure someone has an idea of the fix for that. Love these old machines no computers to f*&k up
  11. If anyone has a 2400 or 2500 and needs any photos or clarifications of my tractor to compare with theirs feel free to contact me. This is an excellent forum with a lot of experienced members and lots of info for a newbie like me. Good luck with your projects.
  12. The connection housing is interesting I was wondering if it was something I could use on mine. My goal is similar to yours to get a reliable fairly decent looking machine. Im not planning on doing a restoration. My biggest issue is all the pins are loose, cylinder leaks and the hoses are in bad shape. Its my retirement project to keep me out of the house and avoid working on the wifes honey do list.
  13. Oleman nice machine. I have the steering wheel cover and I need to get it cleaned up and put back on. Nice idea about the marine gauges. I should have posted here before I bought the new ones. The ones I purchased were International so maybe they will be okay. What is the contraption on top of the fuel filter. Im glad you enjoyed your stay in St John's the windy city.I recently bought five acres of land near Pecos TX on ebay. It was a bit of an impulse buy but I may do something with it later on. I visited there a couple of years ago via Forth Worth and really appreciated the friendliness of the folks we met. We even got asked to a wedding by a complete stranger.
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